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Geekery: New Vehicles from ‘The Last Jedi’ Revealed

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Aug 25 2017

Get a look at a new weird looking new walker, a First Order war ship, and some adorable new critters from Episode VIII.

The two new vehicles – the AT-M6 and First Order Dreadnought – were introduced during this week’s Star Wars Show. Watch the top of the show for all of the details…

And the adorable critters – The porgs were introduced in the behind the scenes video shown at D23. They were recently featured in a Star Wars Blips animated short…

Expect multiple versions of the puffin inspired Ahch-To natives on retailer shelves just in time for Christmas. They are totally adorable.



What are your thoughts on the AT-M6 and First Order Dreadnaught?

Author: Mars Garrett
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