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Mantic: Pre-Order Walking Dead Wave 3

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Aug 17

The latest expansion – Safety Behind Bars – is now available for pre-order.

via Mantic:

The biggest release in this wave is the brand new narrative expansion, which comes with new Survivors and Armored Walkers – eek! Across seven scenarios you’ll have to clear out the prison before making it safe for the Atlanta Survivors to move in. Will you make it inside… or die trying?

The expansion includes:

  • Four New Survivors – Dexter (Bruiser), Axel (Support), Andrew (Runner), Thomas (Tactician)
  • Twelve New Equipment Cards – including Tear Gas Grenade, Riot Helmet, Riot Shield, Riot Gear, and Riot Baton
  • New Map & Scenery – navigate through the tight interiors of the prison in order to survive
  • Armored Walkers – you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

There are also a some awesome boosters available in this wave…

Michonne, Wandering Nomad Booster


Woo-hoo! Michonne finally makes her official appearance in Wave Three. Although she’s previously been available as a Kickstarter Exclusive, now those who missed out on Michonne can finally see what all the fuss is about! Armed with her katana, she can be deadly against Walkers and Survivors alike.

Andrea, Prison Sniper Booster

Introduced back in Wave One, Andrea is already pretty handy with a gun but she now shoots with a blue die! Combine that with one of the more powerful long-range weapons (like the Browning Sniper Rifle included in this booster) and she’s going to cause plenty of trouble. Alongside Andrea, you also get the twins: Billy and Ben. Although they won’t do much on their own, they’re great for boosting the stats of Allen, Donna, Dale and Andrea.

Morgan, Distraught Father Booster

Since Rick first met Morgan after leaving the hospital, poor old Morgan has certainly been through some awful experiences. Due to that, he now has the Unstable rule, which means you’ll need to roll a blue die to see how many actions he’ll get each turn. Potentially you could get three actions though, which could come in handy. Along with Morgan, this booster comes with Eugene Cooney – one of the thugs from Woodbury. He has an interesting ability called Dirty Fighter, which allows him to roll an extra red dice in melee combat if he loses or draws… great for surprising your opponent.


Rick, Prison Advisor Booster

Rick has ditched the sheriff’s outfit in favour of some riot gear! Of course, he’s still great at shooting (with one blue die) but now he’s got improved melee and defense stats too (one white and one red). Rick’s acquired an ability called Defensive Formation, which grants other friendly Survivors in his Kill Zone and extra white die during melee combat… perfect for clearing out corridors of Walkers. Accompanying Rick is Harold Albernathy, another of the cronies from Woodbury. Harold’s got an interesting rule that means he’ll cause one extra point of damage when he wins a melee. This could definitely be useful for taking out rival Survivors.

Roamer Booster

You can never have enough Walkers! So in Wave Three you can get the Roamer Booster. This set includes six extra Walkers, plus four equipment cards (Chainsaw, Crossbow, Compound Bow and Machete). For those who haven’t experienced the joys of Andrea equipped with the silent but deadly 20″ range Compound Bow, then you’re in for a treat! Meanwhile, the four Event Cards are: Rouse Lurkers, Surrounded, Drawn to Chaos and Shooting at Shadows.


This wave is due out in September, but you can pre-order now – grab the full expansion, or take advantage of Mantic’s GenCon special that includes a deluxe gaming mat. Hurry – the GenCon bundle will only be available for pre-order till Monday the 21st!


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