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NeverQuest: Fishing for Plot Hooks

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Aug 01

The saga continues–come join the BoLS crew each week as we try and just have a normal adventure, like a nice family for once.

NeverQuest is BoLS’ artisanal D&D campaign. We humbly invite you to try another selection from our menu of adventuring delights. This week, the specials are a pulsating sac of flesh, buried deep beneath the earth and tended to by strange creatures, followed up with a delightful course of stolen, smuggled fish and nude orc wrestling. We’re still not sure how that happened either, but join the…fun(?) this week on BoLS!

NeverQuest Episode 4: The Sac Below

Peren, Alamar, Ravener, and Bags close in on the fishy business going on in the town of Wintershaven. But when they encounter the gang of smugglers, they’re spotted by the town guard (helpfully provided by some of the folks watching along live), and the smugglers end up escaping. The boys track their quarry back to a manor house at the edge of town, and there do the only sensible thing any party of adventurers should do in a situation where there are multiple courses of actions to be pursued. They split up. Half the party has a nice night at the inn, the other half discovers an eldritch horror beneath the earth.

NeverQuest Episode 5: A Fishful of Dollars

Having made contact with the eldritch abomination known only as “Jeffrey” the party reunites. Something sinister skulks in the shadows of Wintershaven, and with the smugglers in the town rounded up, it’s time to confront the smugglers from Neverwinter. And as luck would have it, a ship bearing smuggled fish rolls into port, much to the chagrin of Peren Greycastle, who has had it up to his nose with fish. But, lurking behind the smuggling operation is something darker still–and thanks ato the swift efforts and boat racing skills of our heroes, they’re ready to confront just about anything. Even a naked orc.

You can watch the Saga unfold live on our Twitch stream every Friday, with new videos added to the YouTube Playlist every Tuesday.

If you have a monster, adventure hook, or other thing you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t work it in!


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