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Tabletop Spotlight: Modern Art

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Aug 16 2017

Stay classy with the new game from CMON about high stakes auctions in the art world – It’s Modern Art!

Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over a really neat game about art and auctions. Modern Art is a game of high-stakes auctions in the Art World:

Modern Art puts players in the role of a world class museum who is out to spend some money! You’re goal is to collect the most valuable art and create the most expensive (and profitable) gallery by buying and selling masterpieces of modern art.  It sounds easy enough, except the other players are out for the same thing. There is a catch – there are multiple types of auctions and the popularity of the particular piece (and thus the price) can change over time.

Gameplay takes place over 4 rounds in which players will “compete” in different types of these auctions. The winner is determined by who’s collection (and pile of cash) is the largest at the end of the game. Sometimes not spending money is the right move – but what if that piece becomes the next “big thing” …decisions, decisions!

The cards themselves are all really high quality and oversized. The game has some pretty amazing artwork and part of the attraction is that these works of art are from actual modern artists. The rule book even has an entire art-house style section that talks about each artist and their respective work. I’m not super-well versed in the art world, but with this game I at least felt like I could actually learn a thing or two about the art and artist in this game – all from the comfort of my gaming table.

If you’re looking for a game that will have you participating in the cutthroat world of Modern Art auctions then I highly suggest Modern Art. It’s a fun game with a unique spin on collecting art (well, unique for those of us who don’t actually GO to art auctions). It’s in stores now so go check it out!



Modern Art

Reiner Knizia’s classic high stakes art auction game, Modern Art, gets a modern makeover. You control a world class museum and hope to make a pretty penny by buying and selling masterpieces of modern art. Over the course of four rounds, each player will get a chance to auction off paintings. The more popular the artist, the more money you can make on a sale. There are five different types of auctions to compete in, and they all require you to have a different skill set. The winner will be the one who has earned the most money for their museum. Having good taste is only half the battle. You need to approach each sale with a cutthroat attitude if you want to walk away the winner.


It’s a new spin on a classic – that’s why it’s MODERN, right?

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