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40K: Ad Mech Forge World Focus: Lucius

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Sep 14 2017

The mighty armorsmiths of Forge World Lucius are under the microscope in this preview from Games Workshop!

Time now to travel to Forge World Luscious, no doubt responsible for the fine red velour of the Cult Mechanicum’s tech priest vestments, and the sweet, silky sound of a voxcoder implant with–wait what, Forge World Lucius you say? Renowned for its heavy Luciun plating that is capable of shrugging off munitions that would pierce lesser materials?

Fine. But I’m still calling it Forge World Luscious.

via Warhammer Community

Looking around, there’s a ton of AP -1 weaponry out there. This Dogma is going to cause a headache for a number of foes. Whether it’s the slightly heavier bolters of the Primaris being reduced to AP 0, the missile pods of the Tau, the gauss weaponry of the Necrons, or the rending claws of the Tyranids–there’s a lot of weaponry that just loses a big chunk of its value in the face of this Dogma. Ad-Mech players will get a ton of value out of the Luscious Dogma. Especially since you can also just ally-detachment in a unit of say, Raven Guard or something to make opponents choose between -1 to hit or -1 to AP.

This combos particularly well with units like the Kastelan Robots (pronounced robuts), who have heavy armor plating and a lot of firepower that they can leverage in new and exciting ways, thanks to the Elimination Volley stratagem, which lets them combine their fire with Kataphron Destroyers for a symphony of destruction.


Combo that with other accuracy enhancing stratagems and you’ll be hitting your opponent on 2s when it really really counts. Or at the very least powering through their smoke launchers/miasma of flies/stealth fields/Raven Guard BS.

Speaking of Kataphron Battle Servitors, they’re the other unit showcased in this Forge World Focus. They’re what happens when you jam a cybernetically enhanced weapon servitor onto some tank treads, sci-fi centaur style. And they’re Toughness 5, which means they’re already harder to wound with most small arms fire. The added benefit of AP -1 being 0 is extra icing on top of that cake.

But just in case you thought that was enough–you can also set these guys (or any other unit from Luscious) in a Teleportarium Chamber and just get them wherever they need to be, assuming that you don’t forget about them and have them wiped out because your opponent kept grinning like an idiot in Turn 3 and you wondered why, and then after you started shooting they just started laughing and mocking and then they learned what tilt-out means and now you’re banned from the tri-county area, and have since become a wanderer. Roaming the land, looking for opponents who aren’t j-holes.

Cue sad walking away music from the Hulk tv series.


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