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40K: Codex Death Guard First Look

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Sep 10 2017

Join the BoLS Crew for a walk through Codex Death Guard. Mind the Nurgle Rot.

That’s right. Long teased and highly diseased, the Death Guard Codex breathes disgusting new life into 40K, bringing the Death Guard into the spotlight and offering up a host of new units, including the Plagueburst Crawler and everyone’s favorite daemon Primarch who isn’t Magnus but still has a model: Mortarion. And what a big beautiful boy he is, as you’ve no doubt seen by now. So, without further ado, join us and take a look inside the covers of: Codex Death Guard.


Codex Death Guard $40

The Death Guard are the Traitor Legion most favoured by Nurgle. Utterly devoted to spreading the Plague God’s hideous diseases across realspace, they are living plague vectors whose bloated bodies and rusted war engines boast grotesque resilience and firepower. They are a walking pestilence, a living plague of destruction and horror. Their heavy tread heralds the end of hope, and the damnation of all who oppose them. Their touch withers all, and spreads seething corruption that swallows worlds. They are the sons of Mortarion, the chosen of Nurgle; fear them , and despair.

Codex: Death Guard contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Death Guard collectors.

We’ll be doing a deeper dive inside the codex all week, so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If you’ve got Nurgle Rot, talk to your Medicae.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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