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40K: Deathguard and Mortarion Rules Preview

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Sep 3 2017

The Deathguard are revealed in all their glory!

They’ve been teased for months with Dark Imperium and with those beautiful pictures of everyone’s favorite champion of disease and darkness, the Tally Man.


But now they’re out in all their glory, ready to spread disease across the face of the galaxy. Check out Mortarion’s rules (at least a little) below.

via Warhammer Community

The new Death Guard codex is dropping next week, and alongside it is what we’re sure will be the centrepiece kit for many a Death Guard army – the phenomenally imposing new Daemon Primarch Mortarion. Accompanying these will be a Plague Brethren collector’s set of 3 never before seen Death Guard Plague Marines packaged with exclusive content, providing a fascinating insight into the design process of these and the entire Death Guard miniatures range.



Mortarion is, of course, the plague-ridden star of this army release, whether as the leader of a Death Guard force on the battlefield, as an incredible miniature to add to your collection, a painting project, or just for what his return means for the galaxy of the 41st Millennium – he’s sort of a big deal.

As one of THE major players in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you’d expect Mortarion to be a powerful force in the game, and you would not be disappointed.

With 18 Wounds and Toughness 7, Mortarion is unbelievably durable – anyone who’s played against his Brother Magnus, who has a similar statline, can attest to that. This is further augmented with a 4+ Invulnerable Save and your Death-Guard-standard Disgustingly Resilient rule, making the Death Lord one of the hardest models in the entire game to kill. Offensively, Mortarion is very different from his brother Primarchs. While Guilliman is a talented commander and Magnus a master of the magic, Mortarion is an altogether more sinister figure. Toxic Presence reduces the Toughness of anyone foolish enough to stand close to him by 1, while Host of Plagues allows him to stack up a growing tally of Mortal Wounds on nearby enemies.

Mortarion is an absolute beast. He’s capable of taking an inordinate amount of damage,  and with that scythe, you know he’ll just ruin someone’s day if he can get in there. Move 12 is real nice, but you can always shoot him, so it’s good he’s so durable.

We’ll be seeing more Deathguard in the coming week, so be sure and stay tuned.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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