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40K: Remaining 3 Astra Militarum Regiments Confirmed

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Sep 30 2017

We’ve got confirmation of the final 3 Regiments and their Doctrines – For the Emperor!

The last three Astra Militarum Regiments have been revealed and we’ve got the run down for each of their doctrines! We’ll be talking about them in the week to come but just in case you’re wondering how accurate these are…

…You could say we can independently verify these.

Without further ado –  the final 3 regiments are:



Militarum Tempestus


The first two don’t surprise me. The inclusion of the Tempestus probably means we won’t be seeing a unique book for them…


Regimental Doctrines

Cadian: Born Soldiers

Re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the Shooting phase for units with this doctrine if they did not move in the previous Movement phase. If an Infantry unit with this doctrine is issued the “Take Aim!” order and it did not move in the previous Movement phase, re-roll all failed hit rolls for the unit until the end of the phase instead.

Tallarn: Swift as the Wind


Infantry units with this doctrine can Advance and still shoot any weapon type (except Heavy weapons). When they do so, they do not suffer the usual penalties to hit rolls for Assault Weapons. Vehicles with this doctrine do not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls for moving and firing Heavy weapons. If a Titanic Vehicle with this doctrine Advances, it treats all Heavy weapons it is equipped with as Assault weapons until the end of the turn (e.g. a Heavy D6 weapon is treated as an Assault D6 Weapon).

Militarum Tempestus: Storm Troopers

If a model with this doctrine is shooting a target at half range or less, it can makes an extra shot with the same weapon, at the same target, for each hit roll of 6+ you make for that model. These extra shots do not themselves generate any more additional shots.


So now that we’ve see all of the Regimental Doctrines, do you have a favorite?

We’ll be covering the Astra Militarum all week long and we’ll be featuring them on our Twitch Channel with a brand new Dark Apocrypha Campaign (that’s our 40k show). We’ll be answering questions as we play so pop on over, watch the games, and ask questions!


The Guard is back and better than ever – are you ready for the Astra Militarum?!


Author: Adam Harrison
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