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40K: Top 5 Astra Militarum Units We Want

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Sep 6 2017

The Astra Militarum are on deck to get a new Codex in November – Will they get new units? We sure hope so!

After the events of the Fall of Cadia (hint: Cadia got FRAGGED) the Astra Militarum really need a fresh start. Sure, the Primaris Space Marines are getting all the attention now but we all know the real strength of the Imperium rests on the Anvil that is the Guard! With that in mind, we settled on a few units we’d like to see in the next Astra Militarum Codex to represent the changes the AM have gone through since Cadia. Some of these aren’t new, but we think they would make excellent additions to the model range none the less!

Rough Riders

After such a shocking blow to the man-power of the Imperium why not enlist the help of some Horse-power! Bring back the Rough Riders and give them an awesome new kit. Nothing says “The Future” like Mounted Calvary on Horseback!

Conscript Squad

We need a new box of Astra Militarum Conscripts. Now that Cadia is gone, it doesn’t make sense that all conscripts are still decked out in standard issue Cadian gear. They should get a new kit of 5 single pose models that cost $100 and they should be the only “tournament legal” models for Conscripts. EVER. No exceptions. (That should cut down on 50 man blob squads, right?)

We could even do a couple of different themes. Penal Legion was one of my favorites. Aventine did an awesome Penal Legion army way back when. Also, I really like these new recruits from the underhive. They seem so loyal! I was a little confused as to why they thought the Emperor had 4 arms, but whatever – they have great tasting kool-aid:


Commissar Tank

Hey, Forge World already has a model we just need it to be a real kit! I think it should also have rules like Commissars and impact vehicles like they impact infantry. For example, any time a tank moves backwards the Commissar Tank immediately fires all of it’s weapons at the coward! That will teach them to run away from the enemies of the Imperium. In fact, anytime anyone fails a morale check instead of losing 1 model, I think this Commissar Tank should bring down the full wrath of the Emperor on them as well – the tank should get a full round of shooting on that unit as if it was the shooting phase. If you kill the cowards, they can’t encourage the others to run!

Sly Marbo

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. I’m not even joking right now. Give us a new Sly Marbo miniature. (I mean, I know he’d be like 150 years old at this point, but you know what – it’s the future man.)

Robo-Lord Castellan Creed

He’s not the Hero we want in the Imperium. He’s the Hero we deserve. Bring back Creed with some slight….modifications. As a bonus, I think that he should get a special body guard unit of Necron Flayed Ones. Why? Because he wears a leather coat like a cape and they wear leathers as capes, too:

People Leather is still technically leather…just sayin.



What do you think of our totally serious and 100% not-joking list of Astra Militarum units?! Pretty awesome RIGHT?! Tell us your unit suggestion/model wish-list in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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