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40K: Units You Can Always Use More Of

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Sep 9 2017

No matter how many you have, you can always find a reason to get one more box of them…

The longer you play Warhammer 40,000, the more you notice that certain units never go out of style. No matter how many you have, you always seem to find reasons to “get just one more” box of them. Maybe it’s for conversions, maybe it’s for a “new” army you want to start, or maybe “if I just had one more of these then I could do…” I think you know what I’m talking about. (Hey, it’s not called Plastic-Crack for nothing!)

Here at BoLS we came up with a list of the models/units we think that the “just one more” syndrome applies to. Check it out:


Chaos Space Marines – Cultists

Chaos Space Marine Cultists are the type of unit that you might find yourself shocked to like using. It starts small – “I’ll just run a minimum squad to hold backfield objectives.” You get a little success, but you always feel like you need another unit to hold that “other” objective. The next thing you know, your cult squads out number your Chaos Space Marines 3-to-1 and you just can’t help it! Chaos – it does funny things.

Space Marines – Tactical Squads

Yep. Every Space Marine Army needs another box of these guys. Did you want to fill out another type of Space Marine squad? Just pick-up a Tactical Box – you could always use more Combi-XXX weapons. Oh hey, don’t forget the Heresy Line of Tactical Boxes…”They will make cool Squad Sergeants” you tell yourself. “The newer kits come with the bigger bases, I’ll just buy those and start over. I don’t want to mess up my basing/painting job on my other, older marines…” Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that one.

Nurgle – Pox Walkers


Much like the Cultist from above – only these are NURGLE flavor. “When they kill other units, they can replish their ranks!” Well then, I hope you have some more models ready to go! “Oh man, they benefit from a bunch of the Death Guard abilities! Think of the Synergy!!!” Yep. I was at that multi-level marking meeting, too. But I skipped the green kool-aid. Get ready for a snot-shortage on store shelves!

Tzeentch – Horrors

“This unit splits and if I don’t have the models, then I can’t place them and I’m basically losing points!” Yeah…uh-huh. “Plus, I get to paint three different types of them!” …And that’s a bonus? “Oh and they all will smite the crap out of your army cause they can all cast spells…” Yep. That’s gonna leave a mark. Let’s also not forget they all have a 5+ invulnerable and are Troops. Anyone know of anything else that burns when it shows up and no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, it just keeps popping back up?

Necrons – Warriors

Yep – that’s exactly the unit I was thinking of, too! Necron Warriors just keep coming back over and over again so you want NEED to have another box. “Running them in Blocks of 20 means it’s harder to wipe the squad!” That is true…but why to you keep humming the opening to Terminator 2 every time we play? “Because… We’ll Be Back!”

Eldar – Wave Serpents



If you’re an Aeldar player, at some point you’re going to want to load-up a unit of Fire Dragons/Wraithguard/Banshees into a transport to get them across the board in a hurry. The Wave Serpent will come to mind. “Oh man, I haven’t tried one of these out in ages. I guess I better point one up and see how much it will be to add to the army.” Yeah, do the math on that really quick. Now compare that to the Price of a Falcon. See anything funny? Turns out the humble Wave Serpent can still crank out a ton of shots, it’s arguably more resilient, and can carry more folks than a Falcon – and it’s cheaper, too!

Tyranids – Gaunts / Genestealers

As a Tyranid crack-addict myself, I find myself wander over to FLGS from time to time, walk over to the ‘Nids section and instinctively pick-up either the Genestealer Box or a Termangant Box. Folks, I have more painted Gaunts and Genestealers in my existing army than I could ever run in a regular game. In fact, I could create two 2k lists that were just mirrors of each other with my Tyranids and I’d still have more Gaunts/Genestealers left over. I’ve got bare plastic Gaunts on my painting desk RIGHT NOW. I don’t know why…They just follow me how, I swear.

Astra Militarum – Guardsmen / Leman Russes / Chimera / Commissars – pretty much everything

When you sign-up for the life of an Imperial Guard Astra Militarum player, you’ve just signed-up for an army that will never quite be done. “But I’ve finally finished my 50 man Conscript Squad” you’ll say. Congratulations. That was 5 points out of 2000*. “Oh wow, I’ll pick up some Leman Russes to fill out points…” Leman Russ tanks are like Lays chips, I bet you can’t run just one. Oh and don’t forget every good Conscript Squad has to have a Commissar with it. Yeah, when you sign up for the Guard, you signed up for the long haul…

T’au – Cri’si’s S’uit’s

This is the army you want to play. You want to leave all those pesky Fire Warriors and Pathfinders at home. Devil-fish? HAH! You signed up for cool-looking Manga-suits, right? Well of course you did! Just remember, the apostrophes come standard now.

Ad Mech – Robots

“I don’t know what it’s called, I just know the sound it makes when it kills a model.”



Sisters of Battle – Plastic Models

Three down…

Dark Eldar – Players

They all were taken away in the last big raid…


It Stings, don’t it…but I hear they are into that.

*Note: We know it’s not actually 5 points out of 2000. But it can sure feel like it.

Editors: Note – We left off Ork Boyz. Our bad.


Author: Adam Harrison
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