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40K: Warlord Traits Of The Death Guard

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Sep 15 2017

The Warlords of the Death Guard have their own custom chart – come take a look at how they can influence the battlefield!

The Death Guard have some fearsome Warlord Options. Daemon Princes, Typhus, Lords of Contagion, Chaos Lords and Sorcerers (both in and out of Terminator Armor), and the Malignant Plaguecaster–all of whom provide a myriad of buffs, powers, debuffs, and other cheats that will have your opponent trying to flip the table in frustration. And all that’s before we even consider their Warlord Traits.

Death Guard Warlord Traits


Revoltingly Resilient

Unless the wound is a Mortal Wound, then you can add 1 to all your Disgustingly Resilient Rolls! That means you’re typically passing on a 4+. If your character happens to have a 4+ invulnerable save that makes one one tough target to take out!


Living Plague

At the start of each Fight phase – each enemy unit within 3″ takes a Mortal Wound on a 4+. Again, more Mortal Wounds from the Death Guard Characters for just being around them. Brutal.

Tainted Regeneration

Which is better, ignoring wounds to begin with or regenerating those lost wounds? At the start of EACH player’s turn the Warlord will regen a lost wound. I’d still like to have not lost wounds to begin with, but losing wounds is going to happen – getting them back can be pretty rare. If you slapped this on a big beefy Nurgle Daemon Prince you could have a rough target to take out.

Hulking Physique


You know who’s tough? Nurgle Warlords. This ability just adds 1 more Toughness to their already tough stat line. Where’s the beef? At Nurgle’s house of pain. (It might be rotten and putrescent…but it’s technically still beef.)

Rotten Constitution

Reducing Multi-wound attacks by 1 is actually REALLY good for Nurgle characters. Keep in mind, based on the wording this applies after you fail a save, but before you have “lost” the wounds – which means it’s one less Disgusting Resilient Roll that the Warlord would need to make.


This one is for anyone who thinks a the best defense is a strong offense. It ups the lethality of your already deadly Plague Weapons by allowing you to re-roll ALL failed to-wound rolls, not just 1s. Mix in the right stratagems and you could up your “to-wound” chance by quite a bit and/or pick-up some bonus Mortal Wounds, too.

Note: Mortarion and Typhus come stock with Arch-Contaminator and Living Plague, respectively.



What do you think of the Death Guard Warlord Traits? Any of them stand out to you?

Author: Adam Harrison
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