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AoS: Blightwar Spotlight: Neave Blacktalon

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Sep 1 2017

Nurgle is bringing the Blightwar – but the champions of Sigmar are answering the call! Meet Neave Blacktalon!

There is a new kind of Stormcast Eternal on the prowl – the Knights Zephyros and their Hero: Neave Blacktalon.


Where other Stormcast Eternals are a hammer, the Knights-Zephyros are a scalpel, pursuing the champions of Chaos with single-minded ferocity. While these warriors are assassins first and foremost, their way is not to blend with the shadows but to instead carve a bloody path to their unfortunate charges by force.

Neave Blacktalon is a mysterious figure, who speaks little of her exploits, motivated only by duty and a furious sense of justice.

As a lone warrior Neave has some pretty good abilities to go Hero-Hunting. If you’re looking for a way to assassinate those pesky back-line support characters then read-up on her Windrider ability. It pairs perfectly with a Lord-Aquilor or Wanguard-Pallador. Use those units to quickly move her across the battlefield and put the pressure on your opponent.

She has the added threat of having the Nemesis ability – each attack that targets a Hero does 2 damage instead of 1. That’s going to be an issue when she can pump out 7 attacks in one go! Oh and don’t forget her Boltstorm Pistol, either! That’s another two attacks and the Nemesis ability applies to those as well.


Neave also has the Tireless Hunter ability – you can run and shoot in the same turn. That’s going to open-up her threat range a bit and really allow her to stay back and then blaze across the board and pick off an unaware target…clever girl! Her last ability is Lightning-fast Strikes. Each time you get a 6 or more to hit with her attacks, she immediately gets another attack. Again, she has 7 attacks! On average You should get at least 1 additional swing, more if you’re lucky.

The Stormcast are set to do battle with the Forces of Nurgle, led by Horticulous Slimux, in the new Blightwar Box Set coming this weekend. Are you ready for a new kind of war in the 8 Realms?



Cover your mouth when you cough!


Author: Adam Harrison
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