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AoS: Blightwar and Tamurkhan’s Hordes get FAQs

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Sep 10 2017

Blightwar gets an update, and Plague Toads and Ogors join the battleline.

FAQs often get frequently answered too. Today, Blightwar gets an update from GW, now that it’s had a week to cook out in public:


Blightwar has been out for a week now, and we want to make sure that your new units from the boxed set work as well as they can with your matched play armies. To this end, we’re releasing an FAQ that adds the “HERO” keyword to Neave Blacktalon.

Bring the Blightwar Band to the next batch of matched play. Naeve Blacktalon becomes the hero that Bonnie Tyler has been holding out for. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite big beefy blightbringers bolster battlelines with two new troop options. Or Troptions.

Since we revealed the updated warscrolls for Forge World, we’ve had a lot of feedback from Tamurkhan’s Horde players looking to take their army into matched play games. We’ve decided that a full army of monstrous beasts of Nurgle was too awesome to pass up, and therefore we’re adjusting the matched play profiles for Plague Toads of Nurgle and Plague Ogors to make them Battleline choices, as well as providing the army with an allies table of its own. With some new Nurgle Allegiance abilities now available thanks to Blightwar, there’s never been a better time to start your own Tamurkhan’s Horde army.

This week is a great week to be allied with the forces of disease and decay. Nurgle is everywhere, enjoying his time in the spotlight. He’s just so hot right now. Chaos continues to bleed through from one reality to the next. It makes me excited to see what happens when the Thousand Sons get their big update–I mean we’ve already seen Tzeentch’s Kairic forces, but, I have a feeling the Lord of Change is sitting on quite the nest egg of new forces.


Grab the Blightwar FAQ

Plague Toads FAQ

Pitched Battle FAQ

Plague Toads are deadly, but only 2% as deadly as the speeder level from Battletoads.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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