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BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k “Death Guard Week”, Neverquest

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Sep 11 2017

WE HAVE THE CODEX! This week on Dark Apocrypha, putting Codex Death Guard though it’s paces, plus the Neverquest adventure continues.

This week on Dark Apocrypha…


Death Guard Week

Codex Death Guard- Part 1: Talk Show + Brothers Divided (watch LIVE NOW)

Today we start off our testing of Codex Death Guard with an hour of Codex Q&A. After that we all get to enjoy a Primarch fight. Mortarion and Guilliman take two 1750pt lists and see who’s the strongest brother of them all.

Army Lists

Death Guard 

Mortarion – 470

Plague Surgeon – 65

Biologus Putrifier – 74


15x Plague Marines, Powerfist champion, 2x meltaguns, Icon of Despair -341

Foetid Bloat Drone – 158

Foetid Bloat Drone – 158

2x Chaos Spawn – 66

20x Poxwalkers – 120

20x Poxwalkers – 120

Chaos Predator Autocannon, LC sponsons- 180



6/6 CP 



Guilliman- 360

Land Raider  w/ Storm Bolter and Sergeant Chronus -393

10x Hellblasters w/ Assault Plasma Incinerator – 340

Razorback W Twin Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter- 84
Redemptor w/ H Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannot, Icarus Missle Launcher, 2x Fragstorm Launchers  –  206
Librarian w. Force Sword – 105
5x Tactical Marines – 65
5x Tactical Marines – 65
5x scouts w/ Heavy bolter -65
Company Ancient – 63 Relic- Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
6/6 CP 

1746 Points


NeverQuest – D&D 5th

After the 40K game, join us for our continuing 5e D&D campaign – Neverquest. Grab a cold one, settle in and adventure with the BoLS party. Someone might find glory, gold – or die!


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Author: Larry Vela
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