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Death Guard Strategems & Relics

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Sep 5 2017
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Come see the latest Death Guard goodies from the the upcoming codex. Drip, Drip, Cough

The codex is arriving this Saturday and here’s a quick glance at some of the Strategems and Relics the XIVth Legion is bringing.



Death Guard Strategems

I expect at least 20 of these, but this trio are very spice (in a Nurgle Way)

101 uses for this one.  Nurgle is slow, but tough and any way to screen a key unit from enemy attention for a turn or two can make all the difference.

An answer for packed MSU opponents. It’s expensive at 3CP, but in the right curcumstances could drop a lot of elite units with pricy low model-counts.

Let’s just enjoy this for what it is – a bit of Nurgle humor on the tabletop.  Now Death Guard players can purposely push vehicles towards the heard of enemy armies with certainly of the explosive results when they inevitably do down.  Not a bad way for a Helbrute to go.

Death Guard Relics


Hmm, Daemon-princes just got a fantastic birthday gift from Grandfather.  And you thought they were annoying now.

You already made Death guard Faster and messed with enemy Leadership. Now hand out some Mortal Wounds, and make the bad guys fail Ld checks even more.

Short and sweet- Every Malignant Plaguecaster won’t leave home without it.

Warlord Traits

I’m just saying that’s yet another way to hand out Mortal wounds in this book.  I bet there are more…


You can see more of the Warlord Traits over on GW’s site.

~What do you think of those Strategems? I think Cloud f Flies is going to be very generically useful. 



Author: Larry Vela
  • GW: Rumor Engine "Shark Attack"