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GW: Eisenhorn Returns With A New Novel

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Sep 13 2017

The next chapter in the epic saga of Inquisitor Eisenhorn is coming – Dan Abnett is back with The Magos!

Inquisitor Eisenhorn is coming back in Novel form with a new book from Dan Abnett. It’s been 15 years since the last installment of the Eisenhorn series and other than appearing in Pariah, it’s been all quiet on the Inquisitor’s front. So how did this new book come about and what the heck is going on? Well Games Workshop brought in Dan Abnett himself to talk about it:

via Warhammer Community


Dan Abnett“The Magos is a brand new Eisenhorn novel… and one I didn’t expect to write.  This epic volume gathers together all the Eisenhorn short stories that have appeared over the years, several of which haven’t been in print before. But it’s not just an anthology for completists. There’s an entire, new, full-length novel here too, one which ties together many elements from those short stories to become the unexpected fourth book in what was previously the Eisenhorn trilogy. Hunting for heresy in the remote worlds of the Imperium, Gregor Eisenhorn must confront the truth about himself: who is the real heretic? And, in this life-or-death struggle, who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Essential reading for all fans of the Eisenhorn and Ravenor series.”


If you have no idea who Inquisitor Eisenhorn is you should check out his Trilogy available from Black Library. You can also get a brief summary of his exploits on the Lexicanum.

Gregor Eisenhorn


Gregor Eisenhorn was a renowned Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, active during the third and fourth centuries of M41.

Initially a Puritan of the Amalathian faction, Eisenhorn’s ideology would alter over the course of his career so dramatically towards RadicalXanthism that other members of the Inquisition would consider him possibly heretical. Indeed, Eisenhorn has officially been considered a rogue agent at least twice in his Inquisitorial career, only to be proved righteous both times.



When Eisenhorn stares at the Abyss…the Abyss blinks.

Author: Adam Harrison
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