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HOBBY: GW’s Paint App Is Imminent

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Sep 6 2017

Citadel’s latest FREE app is almost here to help you paint up your (or anyone else’s) minis – “the GW Way


App Basics

  • Available to download from Saturday 16th September for Android and iOS devices.
  • Fully integrates with the current Citadel paint range.
  • Gives suggestions on how to pant an particular tone from base coating, to shading, washes and highlight color suggestions.
  • There is a color picker tool, so you can take a picture of an object and the app will identify it’s color and give you the proper paints to use.  This will be handy for matching existing minis.


This is going to be great for new painters just entering the hobby. It is of course hooked into the existing “GW Way” of using their paint range, so is less useful for those who use a combination of paints from various manufacturers, or paint using custom mixes and techniques. Overall a solid tool for the new folks, and I would not be surprised to see the other paint makers such as Vallejo, Army Painter, or P3 followup with a version of their own.

~ I’m curious how many of you use the “Citadel System” for painting your minis, or just wing it and use your paints as a general palette like a traditional painter?


Author: Larry Vela
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