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Board Games: Noxford – A City of Crime and Clockwork

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Sep 14 2017

Lead your criminal henchmen to do your dirty work to outmaneuver your opponents and seize control of the wealthiest districts of Noxford, the timeless city of crime and clockwork.

Noxford is steampunk themed game with tile-laying and territory control elements. Players work together to build the city. Each card represents a district of the city and they come in three different flavors. Syndicate cards represent each players own criminal syndicate and the districts they control. Neutral cards represent the wealthy areas of the city which players are fighting to control (to gain victory points). Barracks cancel out criminal control of surrounding districts. Each district played must be placed so that it is touching two cards already in play and must have at least two edges aligned on the edges of the cards that it touches.

Because each player is working to build the same city, each play comes with risk.  Playing your own syndicate cards to widen control can be cancelled by an opponent playing a barracks. Playing a neutral card adds points for yourself, but also potentially for your opponents as well. Perhaps even more points if the neutral district depicts that favored field of their syndicate. The game ends when a player plays their last syndicate card. Each neutral district is scored for whomever has more control surrounding that district. Which ever syndicate has the most points wins the game!

via Quick Simple Fun Games

Noxford$15.99 – Q4 2017

Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city of crime and clockwork that extends continuously to the rhythm of the gears that hold it together. Each player leads a crime syndicate and relies on their lieutenants and henchmen to exert their influence over the city’s wealthiest districts.

Set in a Steampunk universe, Noxford gives you the opportunity to seize control of the Victorian city that you build over the course of the game. Play your cards strategically to outmaneuver your opponents, and surround the city’s scoring areas with your gang members to win!


  • 2-4 players

  • 20′ game length

  • Ages 10+

My criminal syndicate involves jaywalking back and forth across the street.

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