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Warlord: Pre-Order Blood Red Skies & Get Your Minis Early

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Sep 11 2017

Take to the air in this new mass air combat game from Warlord Games & Andy Chambers.

Blood Red Skies will be released early next year – if you pre-order you’ll get your sets 1 month earlier!

Packed with everything you need to play this fast paced air combat game, the Blood Red Skies starter set does what it says on the tin. Plus once started you’ll have the extra rules to introduce the play cards that really bring your fighter aircraft to life, allowing you to fly them just as they would have been by the Ace’s of WW2!

Blood Red Skies Starter Set$50.00

  • 12 coloured plastic fighter aircraft (inc. 6 Spitfires & 6 BF109e)
  • 12 clear plastic Blood Red Skies Advantage flying bases
  • 10 combat dice
  • 12 Pilot Skill level discs
  • 3 Gaming booklets: Rules, Expanded rules, Scenarios
  • 45 game cards
  • 38 game markers
  • A set of card tools: a movement template, range finder and navigation caliper
  • 6 card counter Clouds / Air defence balloon clusters
  • 3 card counter Blenheim IV / Dornier Do17 Z2 bombers
  • 2 Quick Reference sheets.


Expand your pre-order with the Battle Of Britain complete set…


The Blood Red Skies Battle of Britain Bundle$170.00

  • Blood Red Skies starter set
  • British Spitfire – Squadron (6 planes)
  • British Spitfire – Ace (1 plane)
  • Sailor Malan- British Ace Special Edition 28mm Miniature
  • German BF ME-109- Squadron (6 planes)
  • German BF ME-109- Ace (1 plane)
  • Adolf Galland – German Ace Special Edition 28mm Miniature
  • Blood Red Skies Game Dice
  • British Blood Red Skies Dice
  • Blood Red Skies Dice

Are you ready to take to the skies?

Author: Mars Garrett
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