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Wyrd: Gorysche – New Cult of the Burning Man Titan

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Sep 3 2017

An ancient beast is brought back to life to fight for the cult…

Goryshche is a creature that has inspired many a dragon and hydra that was slain by fire thousands of years ago. Her body was recovered by the cultists of the Burning Man and through arcane rituals brought back to life. Not only did they return her to life, they improved her by instilling her with the Burning Man’s fire and resurrected her multiple times so she consists of multiple creatures.

On the table, a Goryshche has low Armor but is capable of repeatedly Attaching Assets to herself, making her quite survivable.

Where Goryshche really shines, however, is in melee. The Hungry Maw Action is quite potent, and when combined with a multitude of Snapping Head Assets, a Goryshche quickly becomes an unstoppable killing machine.

Getting the most out of one of these Titans usually involves clever Asset management and hitting the opponent from an unexpected direction, as they cannot sustain any sort of sustained, focused assault.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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