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X-Wing: Prepare The Bombing Run

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Sep 18 2017
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The New Resistance Bomber is going to cause one tough bombing run – but maybe not for the reason you think.

If you missed the announcement, Star Wars: X-Wing is getting a new 13th wave of ships. Included in that wave will be the new B/SF-17 Bomber. Now, we’ve cause a few glimpses of what this ship can do so far but the potential looks promising. Especially when we factor in some of the previous upgrades as well.

So far, the only version of this ship we can see is the Crimson Leader version. But the basic ship stats look the same across the board. What’s really interesting, however, is the upgrade bar. If you notice the ship comes with two bomb slots. Typically, that’s not that big of a deal. Until you look at the new Ordnance Silos:

This card allows you to turn your two bomb slots into 4 – not too shabby. Folks are also wondering what the heck the Trajectory Simulator card will do and how it will interact with the ships movement – I’m including the card just for completeness sake, but that’s not the focus of this post.

No, what caught my eye was really the Conner Net and the fact you could run with 4 of them on this ship. What makes the Conner Net so deadly are two factors. 1) It takes up a LOT of boardspace relative to the other bombs. Now, a ship does have to fly though it for it to trigger, but if they do…2) The triggering ship takes 1 damage, 2 ion tokens, and skips the “perform action” step as well. Pretty mean. If only there were a way to booby-trap the opponent’s side of the board with those before the game starts. Oh wait…


Minefield Mapper does just that. With just ONE of these bombers, you can drop 4 Conner Nets on the board. We don’t know the cheap version of this ship, but those upgrades are only going to cost 6 points. That means the most expensive version of this large ship will clock in at 35 points, barebones. If the basic version starts the game at a sub-30 point load out, that means you could run 3 of these ships in a list. That’s 12 Conner Nets to dodge!

Now, I’m not saying that the list is going to completely dominate the meta. But remember that once you get through that tangled web of nets, you’re still going to have to take on 2-3 beefy ships with 12 HPs to chew through. And they are going to fire back the whole time as well.

I don’t think a TIE Swarm is going to want to face that type of list. Even big ships aren’t going to want to deal with that many nets on their side of the board. I’m pretty sure you could setup the nets in such a way that ships will probably fly into multiple nets in a row. That’s just mean!


It’s not my fault!


The Conner Net is also just ONE type of bomb out there. I’m really curious to see what else you can do with these new bombers when you really get creative.


Do you think wave 13 will see the rise of the bomber? Or is this just a fad? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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