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40K Breaking: Tyranids Get Double The Firepower

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Oct 31 2017
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Return of the Kings: Dakkafexes set to reign supreme once more.

Hot off of the internet, a new photo from the latest White Dwarf with an important detail about why you’ll want to double down on doubling dakka, get ready to outfit your Carnifexes to bring the pain and the Devourer Shots.


First up, here’s a picture from the latest White Dwarf, spotted on the Casually Grimdark Blog:

This is huge. Dakkafexes are back–Adam Harry won’t stop shouting this, which I assume is a good thing for Tyranids in general. If this holds out to be true (which, I suppose the image could always be ‘shopped), then it means a big boost to big bug bio blasters. Here’s a look at how things stand in the Index, taken from the Tyranid Arsenal section:

So one choice for a Monstrous Bio-Cannon is Two devourers with brainleech worms. So already that’s 12 Str 6 shots out to 18″ with one selection. But, wait, Carnifexes can take up to four of them (at least as far as the Index stands currently). Here’s the current, pre-codex “Carnifacts” :


The relevant part is in the middle, where any model may replace both of its pairs of monstrous scything talons with two items from the Monstrous-Bio Cannons list. That means you’ll be able to swap out the scything talons for a grand total of four devourers with brainleech worms, giving you 24 shots, which, on a Carnifex delivery vehicle, is going to have little trouble getting up to its targets. Strength 6 is an important one–it means you’re wounding most infantry on 2s, you’re wounding heavier toughness 4-5 on 3s, so you’ll be devastating all but the heaviest of units. And that’s just one Dakkafex–already in the Index they’re not too expensive, and we know they have more options, including “enhanced senses, bio-plasma, tusks, the “charmingly-named monstrous acid maw,” alongside chitin thorns, spore cyst carapaces, toxin sacs, adrenal glands, spine banks” thanks to the official GW Preview of the upcoming White Dwarf.

It all comes down to just one thing:

Dakkafexes are back. Hail to the king, baby.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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