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40K: Necromunda Rules In Action

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Oct 29 2017

Get a look at Necromunda in action with this how to play preview video from Warhammer TV.

More Necromunda previews keep crawling up from the Underhive, ready to help you battle for supremacy in Hive Primus. Prepare yourself with this helpful video, and I’ll see you on the other side.

via Warhammer TV


Want to learn how to play Necromunda? With this helpful overview you’ll get the basics of combat down ahead of release day.

So it looks like the game uses a modified version of the 8th Edition rules. We have an explanation for what some of those custom dice mean, though, still no answer as to how those scatter dice will be used. Presumably to determine where a weapon, er, scatters. But does that mean templates are back?

Looks like it does. Hope you’ve still got yours lying around. At any rate, the basics are still the same–characters need to roll equal to or ¬†above their WS/BS to hit, though notably character have to pass a Cool check in order to shoot anyone other than the closest target.


Back to those custom dice, when attacking you also roll a firepower die (or possibly more) to see if your weapon is out of ammo.

The video seems to indicate that rolling an ammo symbol only means there’s a chance your gun runs dry and you’ll have to reload–presumably the other symbols on the die are related to your attack, you can see one gave has two little explosion symbols, which seems like a positive result, maybe it adds to the strength of an attack.

Once you’ve wounded a target, if they have armor (most won’t) they get a dance, of they’re successfully wounded, you get to roll the injury dice once you’ve dealt the last wound to a character. This puts us in old familiar GW territory. If my experiences with Dark Heresy, Only War, Deathwatch, or Rogue Trader have taught me anything, it’s that GW loves nothing more than a grisly injury table. So, strap in and prepare, ¬†because Necromunda is coming.

The real question is, which house best house?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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