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40K: New Eldar/Tyranid Starter Box Pricing Breakdown

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Oct 12 2017

Two new start collecting box sets are on the way. Let’s get a price check on these, shall we?

We got to see the two new Start Collecting kits for the Tyranids and Eldar. If these are legit, then we can do a quick price comparison and see how much of a deal they are – and which is the better value. Now, we’re going to go ahead and assume these are going to be the same $85 price point we’ve seen before – it seems to be a good sweet spot for Games Workshop anyhow. We don’t have confirmation if that is the final price, so keep that in mind!

pics via Adeptus Astartes page (Facebook) 10-11-2017




Tyrgon $57.75

Broodlord $40

Genestealer Brood$30


A la Carte Price: $127.75

If the price is $85, you’re saving $42.75.

Is this a good deal on the tabletop? I can attest that a big unit of Genestealers using a Tyrgon Delivery Service can be pretty mean! I’ve used it in many games and have liked the results. The Broodlord addition would be nice…if he had a way to also be carried by the Trygon. Personally, I’ve got more Genestealers, Tyrgons and Broodlords than I could use in a 2k game. Veteran Players probably won’t use this kit – then again, it’s a Start Collecting kit. If you’re new to Tyranids and are looking for a cheaper way to get some pretty mean units – yeah, this is a good deal.

You’ll probably want to pick up some extra genestealers however…



Farseer – $20


Wraithguard – $50

War Walker – $30

Wraithlord – $46.25

A la Carte Total: $146.25

If the price is $85, you’re saving $61.25.

Is this a deal on the tabletop? You’re saving over $60! That’s a deal for sure. However, in terms of usefulness…A Farseer is great to have around. Wraithguard are also pretty versitle, depending on how you load them up they can (at least currently with the index) be deadly to heavy armor, hordes, good in melee, and can rip flyers to shreds (thanks auto hitting weapons). The Wraithlord is also one mean unit in it’s own right! A good weapons platform, lots of options, and it’s tough to kill. The Warwalker can dump fire like few other units can as well.

All that said, people are still complaining about this kit. “Wraithlords, I never use Wraithlords!” “My War Walkers just gather dust.” – and those are all valid complaints. Let’s be honest, there are better options for the Eldar to take than the War Walker and/or the Wraithlord. I get it. Then again, the might become the new hotness when the Codex drops…and did I mention you’re saving over $60 with this box – depending on the final price, of course. So is this a good deal on the tabletop? If you want to create a “Wraith” army, I think it’s a good start. If you already have these units then it’s a pass…unless you want to update from old metal models.


It’s time Larry…it’s time.


What do you think of these two starter boxes? Are they good deals? Are they just “meh”? Are they good enough to convince you to pick up a box? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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