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40K: Chasing The Astra Militarum Order Waterfall

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Oct 10 2017

The Astra Militarum’s Orders need a little TLC and it’s all Cadia’s fault.

When it comes to the Orders of the Astra Militarum, things can get pretty silly. But we’ve been doing some more digging and playing and we’ve come across an interesting situation that, unsurprisingly, involves Cadia and their unique relationships with Orders. We’ve already talked about one issue that is going to pop-up with Conscripts. Now we’re going to take a closer look at some of the OTHER interactions that will have you scratching your head.

Cadia: Your Major Malfunction

The first things we need to establish are the relevant rules interactions. That means we need to start with Voice of Command:

This is the ability that allows a model to issue an order. We’ll get back to it….

Next, we need to pull out the Warlord Trait that will help trigger the Order Waterfall to start – Superior Tactical Training:


Every time your Warlord issues an order, the order can affect an additional Cadian unit on a 4+. I’m summarizing here – but you get the idea. Oh, and not the wording is that the order affects a unit – it’s not issuing another order. Just keep that in mind, we’ll get back to it.

The third thing we need to bring up is the Company Commander – this is probably going to be your most likely candidate for triggering this, so we might as well look at his abilities too:

Just note that he can issue two orders a turn. And just incase you need to issue yet another order, there is a stratagem for that:

The final piece to this is the Heirloom that we think is the bee’s knees of the Relics the AM can take – The Laurels of Command:


Let’s walk through this really quick.

  • The Company Commander with The Laurels of Command issues an order to a unit within range.
    • On a 4+, the Laurels of Command activate.
    • On a 4+, Superior Tactical Training activates.

(These can be resolved in any order, decided by the active player as per the BRB.)

  • You may choose to use Inspired Tactics¬†now (this can only be done once per turn)

If you choose Laurels and it is successful:

  • Issue another order to that unit.
    • On a 4+, Superior Tactical Training activates.
    • On a 4+, The Laurels of Command activates – Note the wording of the Relic: “Roll a dice each time the bearer issues an order to a friendly Regiment unit within 6″. On a 4+, the bearer can immediately issue another order to the same unit…”

These Orders can be resolved in any order. Again. And you can choose to drop in Inspired Tactics as well if you need to. Repeat until you don’t roll a 4+.

As you’re doing this, don’t forget you have Superior Tactical Trainings to use as well. Now, I know there were some folks out there that were trying to make the case that “an order affecting a unit is the same as issuing an order to that unit.” I think they are wrong. But if they want to play that game, then sure – that means on a 4+ The Laurels of Command ALSO triggers on those. Now that’s just silly, right?

Oh and this is off of just ONE Order. You’ve still got the option for up to two more (thanks to Inspired Tactics) if you’re a Cadian Company Commander.


Now, a lot of this hinges on the fact that these different abilities use the same terminology. The key phrase is “issues an order” and it’s used in each one of these abilities. This needs to be clarified…and fast. Otherwise it’s a race to see which thing will run out first: the Company Commander’s order pool, available orders to issue, legal units to target, or your luck (these do require a 4+ after all).


Counter Points – Hey, You Can’t Do That!

An easy fix is to take a look at the wording of Laurels of Command. It’s a problem that it’s self referencing for sure. Much like attacks that trigger additional attacks. Most of those abilities have a caveat that confirms one way or another that they do or do not trigger additional attacks. Laurels of Command, at least currently, does not have a caveat that makes that clear – and if you’re looking at it RAW, that means the Laurel’s extra orders trigger on themselves.

Another issue is the last sentence in Voice of Command which simply says:

“A unit may only be affected by one order a turn.”

I think this is a very important sentence! But now the case can be made that Warlord Trait and the Laurels of Command supersede that sentence. And we’re back at square one.


Guardsmen, I don’t have a good answer for you at this time. All I have are the facts:

  • Company Commanders will be able to issue 3 Orders a turn.
  • If the Company Commander is Cadia and has the Laurels of Command, then things are going to get weird – and quick.

Those 3 orders have the potential to become a waterfall of multiple orders that are going to result in either a LOT of wasted time or an handful of Uber Units that are going to be able to:

  • Re-roll 1’s to hit (or ALL misses if they didn’t move – thanks Cadia Regimental Doctrine!)
  • Have Rapid Fire 2 Lasguns
  • Re-roll 1’s to wound
  • Shoot even if they Advanced
  • Shoot even if they Fell Back
  • Fight as if it was the Fight Phase


  • Move again

Remember, all the shooting orders last until the end of the phase as well. So were they designed to stack? Is it really that big a deal? It’s only Lasguns, right? …yeah. Keep telling yourself that.


Note: You can still pull this off if you’re NOT a Cadian Officer, btw. Laurels of Command is available to all AM Regiments. Cadian just gets the added benefit of¬†Superior Tactical Training.


So what do you think of the Astra Militarum’s Order Waterfall? Let us know in the comments below!


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