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40K: Tyranids Hive Fleet Preview: Adaptations

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Oct 31 2017

Games Workshop is back with a brand new look at all the Adaptations of the Hive Fleets of the Tyranids! It’s to to confirm some things…

After the windfall of teasers/rumors it’s time we get to hear the real deal direct from Games Workshop. Dig in, cause this is a big one!

via Warhammer Community


The Tyranids are horrifyingly diverse, and now, you’ll be able to build your army as dedicated to one of seven hive fleets (or their splinters). Each of these army-wide rules affects every unit in your Tyranids collection, from Rippers to Tyrannofexes, and each is powerful, distinct, and flexible.

Behemoth: Hyper-Aggression

Hyper-Agression is hyper-simple: Re-roll failed charge rolls!

Kraken: Questing Tendrils


When a unit advance, you can roll 3 dice and pick the highest. But really, it’s the “Fall Back and Charge in the same turn” that has us most excited.

Leviathan: Synaptic Imperative

Leviathan basically has army wide “FNP” as long as you have a creature with Synapse within 6″. Guess what unit pairs really well with this? Tyranid Warriors!

Gorgon: Adaptive Toxins

Re-roll wound rolls of 1’s in the fight phase. These guys are Toxic, man. It’s pretty simple and fits with the theme for sure.

Jormungandr: Tunnel Networks

A unit always gains the benefit of cover from shooting attacks unless that unit Advances or charges. But only until your next movement phase. I suppose this is an interesting work around from just giving them a -1 to be hit over 12″…but that means Big Bugs could move across the field with a 2+ save in some cases…which is kind of awesome.


Hydra: Swarming Instincts

Do you outnumber your opponent’s unit in the Fight Phase? Congratulations! You win re-roll to hit rolls for this fight phase vs that unit. They should have brought more bodies, right?

Kronos: Bio-Barrage

Shooty Nid Players, guess what!? You just got a “new” hive fleet that fits your playstyle! Gunline Nids are a thing now…get ready for Bio-Death to rain on your enemies…

Wow! As a Tyranid player I’m so excited right now. Where do I start!? I can honestly say that all 7 of these adaptations look appealing. It’s going to be tough to decide how I want to play this out. Do I go with Behemoth for pretty highly effective Tyrgon Tunnel Charge? Or do I roll with Kronos and bring on the Devourers all day, every day? What about Hydra or Gorgon for the extra pain in close combat? And let’s not down play the impact of having “Feel No Pain” rolls for my army. It makes those soft, squishy little guys more of a pain and it makes those tough bugs even tougher! But really, how scary will it be to run Carnifexes with a +2 save? Or Genestealers who will be rocking a +3? Decisions, decisions…

I cannot wait for this book now.


Fellow Tyranid enthusiasts, which Hive Fleet is calling your name? Everyone else – what are you thinking of these adaptions? 



Author: Adam Harrison
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