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40K: Unboxing The Plague Marines

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Oct 8 2017

The new Plague Marine Models are pretty sick.

Or if you want to pretend that we’re back in the late 80s-early 90s, these Plague Marines are the illest. Or at the very least, they are licensed to ill, making them and the Beastie Boys the only ones in history to hold that honor (and have you ever seen them in the same room). Even Mortarion doesn’t have that license, and that’s because of all of Nurgle’s Champions, his flow is the least fresh. It’s his blessing, and his curse. But nobody gets funkier, iller, or as down on the mic as the Plague Marines.

So come join us as we unbox them. Or celebrate their new album release. I kinda forget which one is real and which one is the joke that I wish was real. Either way, here, have a video:

These are definitely the units with the biggest entry in the codex. Their entry sort of exemplifies the New Style of GW Releases these days. Seriously though, they have a ton of options–do you want to build up some heavy weapon-toting shootmans? You can. Want to do up more of an assault squad armed to the teeth with plague weaponry and capable of punching above their weight? You got it. Load ’em down.

They are expensive, however. Especially if you take a squad of 20 of them–but you can really use them to anchor your army. The Death Guard already have a ton of tools they can use to back up whatever build you go for with your marines. Back them up with some long range firepower from the Plague Burst Crawler or Defilers. Or give rain down death with some foetid blight drones. Or throw them behind a unit of buffed poxwalkers and watch as you add to your zombie horde. Basically there’s nothing that doesn’t go with Plague Marines.



The one thing these Plague Marines can’t do is conduct a sabotage (because that’s a different album).

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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