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FFG: Cyphers and Masks and Couriers – Star Wars Age of Rebellion

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Oct 18 2017
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Age of Rebellion’s new Spy Sourcebook gets a stylish new specialization. Learn about the Courier.

Spies have some pretty glamorous roles in Star Wars. Secret agents, deep cover operatives, saboteurs, and now, with the latest preview from FFG: Couriers. Admittedly, that specialization sounds like sleeping more out of a mid-2000’s action film starring Milla Jovovich and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I want to play one nonetheless.

via FFG


Couriers are definitely the chase-oriented specialization for spies. The name conjures images of parkouring through crowded bazaars and across the high-tech cityscapes of Star Wars. And with talents that center around chases, like Lose Them or Incite Distraction, they’re good at creating the opportunity to get away and put skills bolstered by the Natural Athlete check to use.

And their earlier talents, like Indistinguishable or Freerunning mean you’ll be able to move vertically wherever you need to go, and just disappear into the crowd, Assassin’s Creed style afterward.

One can only assume you’ll be wearing some scarves and cargo capris while playing this class. At any rate, we also get a look at another new world and alien species:

The Balosars. Famous for living on a poisonous world that is both full of poision and narcotics, Balosars are infamous for creating Death Sticks and all around heels. They have the mechanics to back this up, gaining increased Cunning and a free rank in Streetwise, which represents the corrupt aspect of their society. Everyone’s bent on Balosar! Balosar, come for the beaches, stay for the emBezzling.


Cyphers and Masks$29.95

Not every victory is achieved at the end of a blaster barrel or by the signing of a treaty. Spies do the majority of the work, finding out where the soldiers need to deploy and what would make the enemy wish to surrender. By engaging in the most unconventional of warfare, spies save lives—and take them—in secret. Often uncelebrated, their vital work is necessary if there is to be any hope of toppling the Empire.

Cyphers and Masks is a sourcebook for the Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game that greatly expands the options and opportunities for the Spy career. At 96 full-color pages, Cyphers and Masks includes new specializations and species perfect for starting a new campaign or integrating into existing ones. New vehicles, equipment, and droids designed to be assets and adversaries to characters engaging in clandestine operations are included with new rules for utilizing the skills most often associated with Spies and their tradecraft. Gamemasters are also given additional tools and guidance for building stories for Spy characters with an emphasis on Intelligence and Counterintelligence operations.

We really put the counter in counterintelligence.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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