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FW: Horus Heresy Rulebook This Friday

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Oct 30 2017

Get ready Horus Heresy Fans – your Rulebook is inbound and up for Pre-Order this coming Friday from Forge World!

The Age of Darkness Rulebook is coming from Forge World to bring you an updated ruleset to battle in the Horus Heresy!

via Warhammer Community

Games Workshop also put out a quick FAQ about the book to help illuminate some of the questions players have been asking:

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming Horus Heresy Rulebook?

A: It is a rulebook for use with the Horus Heresy range of miniatures using the 7th edition ruleset.

Q: The core of the rules will be familiar to those playing the Horus Heresy today, but there have been some changes. Can you tell us about any?


A: The previous FAQs for 7th edition have been incorporated and the army construction section uses the Horus Heresy rules instead of the 7th edition standard. We’ve also made some balance changes based on community feedback. Invisibility has been replaced, while the usage of melta-bombs has been changed.

Q: Does the new book work with the current range of Horus Heresy books and expansions?

A: Yes – all your red and black books still work!

Q: What is in the book apart from the core rules themselves?

A: The rulebook just contains the core rules and useful reference material – you’ll find all the lore and specific rules for your chosen Legion (or the Mechanicum, or Crusade Imperialis) in the various Horus Heresy supplements.

It’s sounding a lot like the Age of Darkness Rules are going to have the core of 7th with changes made based on player feed back. Including many “much-asked-for balance tweaks” – which I’m personally curious about. GW also teased a psychic power as well:


It’s going to be interesting to see how much (or how little) the 7th Edition ruleset actually changed. I know a lot of fans that have been looking for answers to that very question and have basically put their armies on ice until they find out. Hopefully this is the rulebook they have all been waiting for. It is comforting to know that all your current books will work with this
book as well.

However, there has been some debate back-and-forth about which option would have been better – pull off the band-aid and move to 8th or stick with 7th. When the decision came out that Age of Darkness would remain is 7th I was personally surprised. I guess we will find out if GW made the right call in a couple of weeks when the book goes out into the world and we can judge the fan response.


What do you think about the New Age of Darkness rulebook? Are you excited about the changes ahead? Let us know in the comments below!

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