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Legend Of Korra: Pro-Bending Comes To Your Tabletop

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Oct 13 2017
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Get the chance to knock Tahno down a peg in Republic City’s favorite past time!

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena is a competitive, tactical, combat game with deck building and resource management mechanics set in The Legend of Korra universe. Each player chooses to play as either the reigning champions, White Falls Wolfbats or as the fresh faced Future Industry Fire Ferrets. Each team has a unique ability and 3 ‘trick slots’ which allow players to pick from various additional abilities that allow players to fine tune the team to their particular play style. Careful when using tricks, though. If the referees catch your benders cheating they could be kicked out of the match.


Each player divides their cards into 3 decks, one for each of their benders: Earth, Fire and Water (Sorry, Meelo. You can’t play.) Each deck can be used to be aggressive, defensive or to recharge your chi. Aggressive plays put elemental tokens on your opponent’s benders, while defensive plays place the tokens on your own. Elemental tokens cancel out and any remaining tokens push the benders backwards. Recharge your chi to purchase additional cards from your deck to gain new cards to use. If the game ends with one team having pushed fully into their opponent’s territory, they win! Or push them fully out of the arena and into the pool below for an automatic victory!


The Avatar: The Last Airbender universe is one of my favorites. I’m delighted to check out this new game set in that universe. But more than that, I like the mechanics this game uses. I like highly customizable games and because Pro-Bending Arena has both deck building and the tricks it really allows that fine tuning. Also, each card has multiple ways it can be played. All of this combined means Pro-Bending Arena will have high replayability.

Also keep an eye out for Amon’s Invasion which adds 3 new ways to play coming out 2018.


via IDW Games

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bender Arena$49.99 – December 20, 2017

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THE LEGEND OF KORRA: PRO-BENDING ARENA is board game set in the Avatar universe from Nickelodeon’s global smash hit Avatar: The Legend of Korra. A miniatures board game designed by Sen Foong-Lim and Jessey Wright, The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena pits 2 players against each other in a sports game that features deep, strategic, head-to-head gameplay, highly detailed and dynamic miniatures, deck crafting and building, and team customization.

  • 2 Players
  • 30 – 45 minutes
  • Ages 12+

Now it’s only a matter of time before someone makes an Airball game!

Author: Matt Sall
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