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NeverQuest: Episode 16 – Fellraven Manor

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Oct 24 2017

This week: our heroes explore stately Fellraven Manor, discover a network of secret passages, and make some interesting new friends.

NeverQuest is a weekly celebration of the fact that we live in a world where you can dance if you want to, but it turns out that you can’t, in fact, leave your friends behinds. Because your friends definitely dance, and as they dance, they aren’t friends you’ll want to leave behind. So to celebrate the power of friendship, reveling in its enduring majesty and its wellspring of strength that allows us to overcome any obstacle, we play the friendliest game known to humanity: Dungeons and Dragons.

That’s why each week you can find our batch of board-certified adventuring professionals ready, willing, and able to dish out justice, thrilling heroics, and rules arguments that can be reliably scaled to any enterprise specifications. Our team of adventuring specialists will work closely with your staff to determine what level best suits your needs–and of course our best-in-class service is paired with the NeverQuest 5-star warranty, ensuring that even if your service goes down, you’ll still be able to leverage your core synergies.

This week, our heroes explore the spooky halls and shadowed nooks and crannies of Fellraven Manor. They make some new friends, including a Werebat Librarian, a hunchback lab assistant without a hunch, and the Indefatigable Gertrude.

After exploring the house for a while, they encounter a monster–and when the monster breaks free, all heck breaks loose. If we both live through this, I’ll see you on the other side.

Or join us live every Monday at 5:30pm CST as we stream the campaign on Twitch. We’re always glad to have people in the audience. New to NeverQuest? Here’s a handy rundown for you:


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Our heroes are:

Barnabus Annabelle Goodfellow Hawthorne Merriweather Jr., etc. aka Bags. – A Goliath Wizard raised by Gnomes, currently a pit fighting champion known as ‘The Gravedigger.’

Ravener Scheppen – A Gnome Ranger (presumably also raised by gnomes) who has befriended a “flying squirrel” that is almost certainly a griffon.

Alamar Vel Crow – A Half-Elf Warlock who traded his soul in order to be really good at card tricks, currently possesses a magical artifact of immense power.

Peren Greycastle – A Half-Elf Bard who is a pacifist, but incredibly skilled at looking out for Peren Greycastle.

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