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Outside the Box – October 27th

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Oct 27 2017


Another amazing week! Let’s have a look at the newest news about Infinity, Fantasy Flight Games, Knight Models, Raging Heroes and more!
The next wave of Infinity releases is available:
–> More Infinity News

Fantasy Flight Games announced new expansions for Star Wars Legion and X-Wing:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

New Miniatures are available from Raging Heroes:
–> More Raging Heroes News

Knight Models announced the Justice League Dark:
–> More Knight Models News


New Normans are available from Warlord Games:

And a new big boxed set for Bolt Action is coming:
–> More Warlord Games News

Cool Mini or Not presents new pictures of the miniatures for A Song of Ice and Fire:
–> More Cool Mini or Not News

New Previews have been published by GCT Studios:
–> More GCT Studios News

Kromlech released a new Orc character:

And they also released a whole range of new Orc terrain:
–> More Kromlech News

Talking about Orcs, the Orcxwing fighter is now available from Miniature Scenery:
–> More Miniature Scenery News


Steamforged Games offers new Halloween specials:
–> More Steamforged Games News

Sarissa Precision released a new gas station:
–> More Sarissa Precision News

This impressive river boat is coming soon from Burn In Designs:
–> More Burn In Designs News

And Rubicon Models released new plastic kits:
And we got new pictures of the upcoming GAZ AA/AAA:
–> More Rubicon Models News

Kickstarter is still going strong:

Init Gear – The Gamefolio System 2.0
NEFAST Collection – The Castle Project
Dark Art Studios – Fierce Warriors & Monsters
Cross Lances – Halloween Hellraisers Fantasy Football Teams
Nord Games – Ruins of Glendale Village
Active Minds Games – X-Case Miniature Display
Midlam Miniatures – Common Gnomes
Atomico – The Goblin King
Red Joker – Okko Chronicles
Rocketship Games – Kolony 3D-Printable SciFi Terrain
The Little Soldier Company – Noggin the Nog
Cannon Fodder Miniatures – 3D-Printed Miniatures
Monster Dice Games – Game Collection
Underground Games – Jagged Alliance Boardgame
Frog God Games – RPG Maps
Greebo Games – Legacy Vault Fang ‘n’ Hood

If you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily hobby news!

~  I need this river boat!


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