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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: October 5th

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Oct 5 2017

Intergalactic adventurers, mechanical war machines, and zombie infestations. Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!


Resident Evil 2: The Board Game by Steamforged Games

One of the biggest tabletop campaigns currently on Kickstarter is the board game adaptation of Resident Evil 2 by Steamforged Games, creators of Guild Ball and the Dark Souls board game. This cooperative survival horror board game allows up to four players to control their favorite characters from the video game through a series of objective-based scenarios. Together, players will have to scavenge for resources, fight or evade the zombies infesting Raccoon City, and complete objectives before making their way to the exit. Many of the video game’s characters and enemies have been recreated as highly detailed plastic miniatures, including massive bosses like Birkin’s Stage 5 form and the giant alligator. You can grab the base game, B-Files Expansion, and all stretch goals for £70/$94.

RWBY: Combat Ready by Rooster Teeth

Popular webseries creator Rooster Teeth has joined forces with the board game manufacturer Arcane Wonders to bring their anime-inspired action series, RWBY, to the tabletop. Combat Ready is a card-driven cooperative board game where each player controls one of the girls from Team RWBY as they battle villains from the show. The game seeks to recreate battles from the webseries via decks of cards that represent the characters’ signature moves and attacks. One player will take the spotlight and duel the villain, while the others fight lesser minions or support the main player. Should they fail the duel, another player steps up to take their place, and the duel continues until all the players have been defeated or their victory conditions are met. Pledges start at $45 for the base game.

Starfinder Miniatures by Ninja Division Publishing

Starfinder players struggling to find suitable miniatures to represent their characters and encounters are in luck, as Ninja Division has just launched their campaign to fund a line of officially licensed miniatures. This campaign includes a wide variety of miniatures designed to represent the various races, classes, characters, and creatures that you may encounter on your adventures across the galaxy. You can also grab ship miniatures, as well as some Kickstarter exclusives like a Starfinder-themed version of Soda Pop’s loveable mascots, Candy and Cola. Pledges start at $100.

Bards & Beasts by Westfalia Publishing


Players looking for miniatures to represent more traditional fantasy RPG encounters might want to check out the latest campaign by Westfalia Publishing. This small set of 28mm resin miniatures includes three humans (a city watch captain, a barbarian, and a drunk peasant) and three monsters (a owlbear, a corrosion bug, and a towering crusher bug). You can grab the whole set for £60/$81.

S.P.Q.R. Fantasy Football Team by Atlas Miniatures

Atlas miniatures is back with another fantasy football team, this time a Roman-themed ogre team. The whole team consists of six ogres and nine snotlings, all cast in resin with no duplicate sculpts. The team will set you back €69/$81. Alternatively, you can grab one of Atlas’s other fantasy football teams.

Warpod by Flytrap Factory

Anton Ducrot and his startup game and miniatures company, Flytrap Factory, has returned to Kickstarter with his most ambitious project yet. This campaign is to fund the production of miniatures and rulebooks for a new narrative skirmish game, Warpod. Set on the distant, resource-rich moon of Destron, players control small skirmish forces of robotic workers engaged in a civil war following a “glitch” that reprogrammed half the workforce. The game uses whimsical, SD-style miniatures cast in metal, along with a few resin tanks and heavy equipment. The game will eventually have four factions, though most of the miniatures shown so far are either from the Riggers (designated “good guy” faction) or the Clankers (the aggressors reprogrammed by the glitch). Pledges start at NZ$ 20/$15 for a pdf of the rules, with NZ$ 50/$37 being the first tier level that includes miniatures.

The Minotaur Horde by Zealot Miniatures

Zealot Miniatures has brought on the famed miniatures sculptor Alexei Popovici to create a new range of amazing minotaur miniatures. Most of these minotaurs are around 55-60mm tall at eye level and come cast in high quality resin. There’s a set of four female adventurers available too, and more miniatures and accessories are being added as stretch goals. You can buy the four core minotaurs and four female adventurers for £94/$126, or just pick and choose which miniatures you want most.


Empire of Men by Archon Studio and 3D GeekSaw

The studio behind the miniatures for League of Ancient Defenders and Vanguard of War are creating a new line of dark sci-fi miniatures set in an alternate timeline where World War I still continues. The line features two factions, The Great Empire and the Echelon Dominion. The Great Empire draws heavily from German uniform and vehicle designs during the World Wars, while the Echelon Dominion has a far more futuristic and alien look to their miniatures. Both factions feature a range of infantry squads, support weapons, heroes, and vehicles, all of which are cast in resin. The Great Empire in particular would look right at home as alternate proxies for a certain great empire in another grimdark sci-fi setting. There’s several pledge levels available, depending on how many miniatures you want from the campaign.


~Which of these campaigns caught your attention?

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