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40K: Chapter Approved – Apocalyptic Update

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Nov 19 2017

Chapter Approved is coming, and Apocalypse is back. It’s time to bring the big guns.

Well, the apocalypse is here, which given the staggering environmental impact we’re having on our climate, plus the ever devolving political state of affairs across the globe, coupled with the fact that we’re on a rock in space screaming around an explosion at untenable speeds, was really only a matter of time–

Ah, I’ve just been informed we’re talking about the 40K game, Apocalypse. It’s back in the upcoming Chapter Approved. We would apologize for any panic we might have caused, but, fear and suffering is the natural state of humanity, so we’ve only helped you live life the way it was meant to be lived. You’re welcome. Here’s the news.

via Warhammer Community

Chapter Approved is your essential gaming supplement, packed with new missions, rules and even hobby tips designed to make your games of Warhammer 40,000 as awesome as they possibly can be. You’ll find the creative, experimental spirit of classic Warhammer publications like Rogue Trader and the previous incarnation of Chapter Approved, combined with the polish and streamline you’ve come to expect from the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. We’ll be previewing just some of what you can expect to find in your copy throughout this week, today covering the return of Apocalypse….

First of all, I’m very excited that Apocalypse is back and am eager to get to talking about the myriad ways you can use overpowered models to kill other similarly overpowered models, but let’s talk about the creative, experimental spirit of Rogue Trader. I hope they mean that–Rogue Trader had this weirdly sort of cheerfully grimdark approach to 40K. It recognized that everything is terrible, but it had fun with everything being terrible and that got us all kinds of cool toys and rules to play with.

Onto apocalypse, gather ye horsemen, etc.

In Chapter Approved, Apocalypse is back, featuring rules and scenarios for playing your biggest battles ever. Apocalypse games are focused on epic moments, grand narratives, and fun, while accommodating armies that can run into the tens of thousands of points. The toolset in the book is a flexible and robust base from which you could build countless scenarios. We like the rules for multi-board games; perhaps one table could have a clutch of Deathstrikes waiting to fire as a team of desperate Pathfinders try to stop them before they annihilate the Ta’unar Supremacy Armour on another.


And of course, Apocalypse means Apocalyptic Missions, and what could be more apocalyptic than being on a world where Exterminatus is being carried out.

So, basically, enduring is terrible, all your models are taking wounds all the time–but I’m much more intrigued by the idea of a multi-board game. I mean, some of those Militarum Artillery peeves have line a 120″ range…

They conclude with a teaser about putting this kind of game together. It can, understandably, be tricky to pull off.

This, plus the crazy VDR, plus the spirit of Rogue Trader–I know people want to know about points cost tweaks, but, come on. That’s lame. I mean, sure it updates armies so that those without codexes can hang, sort of. But that feels more like an update to the pdfs, and also, sure it might balance the game, but balance can heck off for a minute, this book promises a game where I can shoot my over costed rail guns at a table I’m not even playing on.


And ruining the game of someone you’re not even playing against is what 40K is all about.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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