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40K: Chapter Approved – Points on Points

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Nov 26 2017

See how the points have changed in Chapter Approved–it’s Marines Madness.

That is right. Here at the Chapter Approved Discount Warehouse we’ve got point costs so low they’ve GOT to be heresy. But here at the Chapter Approved discount warehouse we pass the savings on directly to you. Come on down for Marine Madness!

So saunter on down to the warehouse today, and take home a brand new, 2017 unit of Inceptors. Or take home some Intercessors with 0 money down and at 18 points per model, all as part of Marine Madness in Chapter Approved. You may have thought that the other factions needed tweaks to bring them in line with the codex-having armies that have already made their debut, and that the aforementioned codex-haves would perhaps see less so that the Codex Have-Nots could get their fare share, but that kind of thinking is how we end up in a socialist utopia. So let’s reign that in and look at how much you can take a new unit home for today only (offer valid until patched).

All joking aside, it’s cool to see some of these points values get readjusted. I know that many units have been feeling over costed, though, I suppose there’s a worry of knowing your fancy Codex is out-of-date eventually. But I guess that’s where digital distributing is poised to take over, making sure that your references stay up to date.

At any rate, here’s a look at the updated marine point costs:

In particular, Primaris are cheaper, with the exception of Hellblasters, who are still more than capable of hanging back with Bobby G and tabling your army. They’re priced about right, it seems.


There is, of course, all this and more in the new Chapter Approved–including rules for Land Raider Variants and new stratagems–so pre-order today!

And be sure and check back to see which Ork was awarded best in class by JD Power and Associates.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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