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40K: New Faction Rules in Chapter Approved

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Nov 21 2017

Chapter Approved has some new rules for your favorite faction, assuming your favorite faction is one of the eleven featured in the book.

Hang two lanterns by sea, and one on the land! Chapter Approved is coming! Chapter Approved is coming! Get out your red coats–it’s cold outside! Wait just a minute, men–we’re about to get to what the rules of the game are. May I just say, they seem rather revolutionary. So let us declare our independence from Codexes, and toss your Indexes into the ocean. Chapter Approved is here.

via Warhammer Community


Since the release of 8th Edition, we’ve had eight different codexes, and each one has rounded out the armies–and while this is great and each one (except for Grey Knights, maybe) has added some new and interesting things to the games, the fact is, the Codexes add so much that if you’re playing without one you’re on the back foot to begin with. But! Chapter Approved is set to change all that.

In addition to having the VDR mechanics, and the apocalypse missions, and all the other fun amazing cool stuff, they ALSO have expanded faction rules for these armies:

Each one of these groups will be getting a Warlord Trait, Relic, at least one Stratagem, and in some cases even more. These are designed to add some thematic character to your army and should put you on a more even footing with those armies that have codexes already.


As you’d expect, these Stratagems and Warlord Traits are as useful and characterful as any you’ll find in a codex. The Harlequin’s Prismatic Blur, for example, helps bolster their armour saves as they blitz up the field, and it’s a fantastic way to keep your transports safe.

That’s really good! Take a unit and get them into position, then have them sit pretty with a 3+ Invulnerable save so that they don’t get shot off the table–make sure you can keep your Harlequins in fighting form while advancing up the table. But hey did you want to see an example of a relic?

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a particularly novel Warlord for your army, why not choose an Imperial Knight? Take a super-heavy detachment made purely of Questor Mechanicus or Questor Imperialis units – that’s Imperial Knights and Adeptus Mechanicus Knights to you and me – and one of them can be your warlord, allowing them to take a trait, and perhaps more importantly, the brutal Ravager relic:

And since you’re putting this on an Imperial Knight, this makes them that much grosser in combat. 6 damage is nothing to heck with, so, get ready to wreck shop. Orks, similarly, get a stratagem, though, admittedly, theirs feels like it would be more appropriate as a faction rule. Or at least a unit rule. Although it may well be a special unit rule, and this just is a way to get everyone access to more dakka, which is what every good Orkson wants.


It doesn’t get Orkier than this. And we also have a look at the Space Wolves for you.

With Blood Angels and Dark Angels both on the way, we haven’t forgotten about the other non-codex compliant Chapter. We’re, of course, talking about the Space Wolves. Thanks to some nifty errata, Space Wolves armies already have access to an array of Primaris units to accompany some old favourites. In Chapter Approved, as well as an array of points changes (more on those soon!), Space Wolves players will be able to take full advantage of a new Stratagem that turns bolt weapons into a deadly close combat deterrents:

We’ve only scratched the surface (did you know, for example, that Haemonculus Covens, Wych Cults and Kabals all get a Warlord Trait of their own?), and if you play any of these factions, points changes aside, you’ll want to get your hands on Chapter Approved.

There you have it. A chance for some new stratagems, new missions and of course, the Ravager. We’ll have more Chapter Approved updates as they come out.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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