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40K: Things I Hope Chapter Approved Does

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Nov 7 2017

A new Chapter Approved book is supposed to come out before the end of the year, lets talk about what I hope it does.

Ever since Games Workshop announced we were getting a new Chapter Approved book this year people have been talking about what might be in it. Many players are excited for new rules and options (VDR!).  A lot of competitive players are pinning their hopes of a more “balanced” game on the new book. Others just want some new ideas for larger games or wacky stuff. Toady I’m going to focus on the competitive/balance aspect of Chapter Approved. Lets talk about some things I really hope the book does. A lot of these things have been rumored already, and some are wishful thinking.

Addressing Smite Spam

One that pretty much everyone who knows anything about Chapter Approved agrees on is that it will address smite spam. This is a very good thing. Smite Spam is certainly an issue with the game right now, and it affects almost all armies. There have been a lot of ideas thrown around on how to fix smith spam. One idea is to limit the number of smites you can do in one turn. Another is to make each consecutive smite harder to case. My personal favorite is to simply reduce the damage of each smite after the first (or whatever number you chose) to one mortal wound.

One issue with fixing smite is to try and not neuter armies that are supposed to have smite spam, such as Grey Knights or Warlock heavy lists. Since these armies already have a weak version of smite bringing all armies into line with that would work. However they do it hope they do address smite in a substantial way.

Forge World Limits

This one kind of ties in with Smite Spam, since the worst offender there, the Malefic Lord, is a Forge World unit (with no model). Now don’t get me wrong, Forge World puts out some really amazing models. They also have, sometimes, some really fun and fluffy rules. However the fact that their rules are written by a different team the main rules often leads to inconsistency and issues. Forge World rules also tend to be more aimed at fun and narrative, than balanced play and a lot of them are not so balanced. So I would not be sad to see them limited some how, and there are rumors that they will be. From disallowing them in matched play to limited the number of units you can take something needs to be done.


Changes to Detachments

One of the rumors that went around after 8th came out is that the playtesters working on the game weren’t given all the detachemnt types to test. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it makes sense too me. While the basic detachments, patrol, battalion and brigade, are great, others, like the Supreme Command, really skew the game. One of the issues many players have is how common spam is. With basically no limit for how many units of each type you can take, and no need to take troops unless you want to, this is going to always be an issue. Limiting what detachments you can take would force players back into making balanced list-building choices and curtail some of the craziest spam.

Points Changes

Another big rumor for Chapter Approved is that it’s going to adjust points for units across the board. Now I am rather worried about how this will be pulled off. I can see a broad change of points adding a lot of complication into the game, since it will mean an additional book everyone will have to use. HOWEVER, I would like to see points for the Index armies updated. As each army has gotten its Codex there has been a trend to give out a lot of points reductions. This has left a lot of the Index armies feeling over costed and outnumbered. Adjusting their point costs in Chapter Approved could be a great way to keep Indexes competitive until those armies get a codex of their own.

More Generic Stratagems

Anther major advantage Codex armies have over Index armies is access to a ton of stratagems. Right now there are only three generic stratagems out there. While these are good, they are very limited in use. Not only does in make Index armies under powered it also de-emphasizes the need to build for Command Points. I think putting out a bunch of additional generic stratagems (or conversely a few unique ones for Index lists)  would not only just add more options but help out the index lists.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg


This is really just a few of the things I’m hoping for in Chapter Approved. I think these changes could add a lot to the more competitive side of 40K. I’m also hoping for some good changes for the narrative/casual side. Those however are hopes and wishes for another day. For now, I can only hope that GW continues to listen to our feedback and improve the game.

That’s all for today folks! Tell us what you’re hoping for from Chapter Approved, down in the comments. 

Author: Abe Apfel
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