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FFG: Unboxing the Death Knights

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Nov 10 2017
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The Death Knights are a powerful addition to the Waiqar Undead in Runewars.

The Waiqar get some hard hitting cavalry unit in this new expansion. The Death Knights are a beating on a stick on a horse. At least I think those are horses they’re riding–they could be some kind of undead monstrosity that’s vaguely horse shaped. But for now, we’re going to go with Horses.

The Death Knights are heavily armored cavalry. They have 3 armor, which means they can take a beating–your opponent will really have to try if they want to thin out their ranks, and they’ll want to, because the Death Knights can deliver some devastating abilities on the charge.

Add to that the brutal beating that they’re capable of delivering, hitting with two red and a blue, and you’ve got a pretty good shot at crippling, if not outright destroying whatever it is you can get them in against.

These guys are easy to put together (as all Rune Wars models are) and they’re also great at manipulating panic. They also can take an upgrade that lets you protect them with a damage shield (after they defend against an attack, the attacker takes damage equal to their attack) making them surprisingly hard to deal with once they get in there. All in all, a great addition to any Waiqar army. They really fill out a niche in the overall faction.


Death Knights Unit Expansion – $24.95

Relentless and devoid of mercy, the Death Knights of Waiqar the Undying serve their master with vicious efficiency. Riding on the fore of an endless army of the undead, the Death Knights are the first sight the enemies of Waiqar witness in battle, as well as the last thing they see before suffering a brutal death.

The Death Knights Unit Expansion features four Death Knight figures and two Plastic Cavalry Movement Trays as well as five upgrade cards to customize your Runewars Miniatures Game armies. The expansion also includes panic, stun, and unit ID Tokens as well as a new condition card and token, for use with a new upgrade included with the Death Knights.

It’s always a good night for a death knight.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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