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FW: T’au Tiger Shark Re-Armed

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Nov 10 2017
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The T’au Tiger Shark is back and ready on the hunt from Forge World!

via Forge World

T’au Tiger Shark £160

Pre-order the T’au Tiger Shark and you’ll receive a free set of T’au Air Cast Ground Crew. See here for full terms and conditions.

Capable of fulfilling complex multi-role missions, Tiger Sharks have weapon bays loaded with skyspear missiles and swarms of Tactical Drones, the latter of which can be disgorged at low altitude to offer vital reinforcements to Fire Caste warriors. Many a close-fought struggle has become a glorious victory with the arrival of Drone support, or a salvo of well-aimed ordnance. The standard weapon load-out for a Tiger Shark includes a pair of ion cannon and missile pods, allowing the Tiger Shark to unleash a deadly series of strafing attacks against ground-based targets; whilst others are armed with swiftstrike railguns capable of busting open thick armour plating of any enemy vehicles that threaten their mission.

This is a complete, multi-part resin kit that builds a T’au Tiger Shark. It features several modelling options – there is a choice of either ion cannon or burst cannon for the wing-tip drones, and the undercarriage can be modelled open or closed. Struts and landing gear are supplied for the open undercarriage option, and there are recessed areas sculpted into the underside of the miniature – should you wish to use magnets in order to switch between the open or closed undercarriage at your leisure, the space is there. You can also model this kit with the missile bays closed or open, with space provided for magnets.


Besides those options, the kit is covered in details; 6 pylons, 4 antennae, 2 skyspear missile racks, upper and lower exhaust systems for each of the 2 engines, 2 electronic countermeasure pods and 2 chaff launchers.

The kit comes as 87 resin components. Rules are available in Imperial Armour – Index: Xenos.

Free Rules Download HERE.


Air Caste Squadron £199

Pre-order the Air Caste Squadron and you’ll receive a free set of T’au Air Cast Ground Crew. See here for full terms and conditions.

Field a T’au Empire Air Caste Squadron in games of Warhammer 40,000. In this bundle, you’ll find:

– A resin T’au Tiger Shark, loaded up with skyspear missiles, ion cannon, ECM pods and burst cannon;
– A set of 2 Remora Drone Stealth Fighters, featuring burst cannon, networked markerlights and seeker missiles.


Take to the skies with the T’au Tigershark! Not to be confused with the OTHER T’au Tigershark AX-1-0


Author: Adam Harrison
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