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Necromunda Nears – Next Week’s News

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Nov 5 2017

Necromunda will be up for pre-order on November 11th, come take a look at what you can grab.

Necromunda is around the corner. And whether you’re an experienced Hiver or just a Juve who’s still wet behind the ears, soon you’ll have your chance to wade into the Underhive and male a name for yourself. Or die a horrible, agonizing, ignominious death trying. Odds are real good on that last part. Life is cheap on the Hive, and worth even less underneath.

via Warhammer Community

First up, we’ve got an interview with the developers of the game, check it out:

Featuring a revitalised, more dynamic take on the classic ruleset you love, new models and new ways to play, this edition of Necromunda promises to be perfect for fans old and new. If you’re a seasoned ganger with several cycles of gang warfare already under your belt, then you’ll love the chance to see Necromunda realised in more detail than ever before, while if you’re a mere juve, the game is now simple to pick up and learn thanks to the Underhive boxed set.

In Necromunda: Underhive, you’ll find everything you need to get started with Necromunda, with rules, terrain, two customisable multipart gangs and more. Meanwhile, when you’re ready to take your game to the next level, the Gang War expansion contains rules for playing on 3D terrain and running deep campaigns with 2 or more players, using skill trees, territory tables, an expanded gang armoury and everything else you may need to create your own turf wars.


The boxed set come with enough terrain to get you started, but really you’ll want to grab some of those shipping containers and barrels to flesh out your prometheum refineries, derelict corridors and so on. But even with terrain, and some advanced rules, the game is nothing without those revamped minis.

Of course, during a campaign, a gang can grow far beyond just 10 members, and with so many new weapons to try out, you’ll want at least a couple of spare wargear loadouts for particularly beloved leaders and champions. We’re happy to say that you’ll be able to pick up both the Escher and Goliath gangs separately, making expanding your gang (or just converting some particularly awesome Chaos Cultists or Astra Militarum) a scratch.

Finally, all the terrain from the Necromunda: Underhive core set will be available separately. This includes barricades, bulkhead doors, and objectives, and while these have been designed to make adding cover to your Necromunda tables easy, they’ll also be great for Warhammer 40,000 players. The bulkhead doors even fit Forge World’s Zone Mortalis tiles!

Which gang will you be repping when the Hive comes a-calling?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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