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Necromunda Preview: House Escher Gangers

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Nov 11 2017

The Gangers of House Escher are here to claim turf and steal your phat-loot! Come take a look at what a preliminary gang looks like!

Necromunda is on the way and we’ve got a look inside the box. The core gameplay is based on the tiles and come with enough stuff to create two gangs of 8-to-10 models each. It also comes with some “pre-fab” ganger cards that you can use to start playing right out of the box. Here’s a look at some of the gangers that are included:

Jelena (Leader)

This is based off the new model that has been showing up everywhere:

You can get an idea of the weapons, stats, skills and wargear from the card.


Kaiya is a pretty basic ganger. Not a ton of fancy wargear, just a trusty lasgun and back-up stiletto knife. Chem-synth allows Kaiya to enhance her Toxin-based weapon attacks which lower the effective toughness of her target by 1.




Nokomi is a dual-laspistol wielding ganger – you can see she has an increased credit cost based on the extra wargear she’s rocking.


Here we have a Gang Champion with Tumala. From her increased stat line and better gear, it’s easy to see why she costs 240 credits!

There are many more “pre-fab” Escher Ganger cards and a TON of extra cards so you can create your own characters. We can’t wait to show this one off to you all next week!



House Escher is known for their access to dangerous chems and killer looks – are you ready to face them in the Underhive?

Author: Adam Harrison
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