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The EPIC Models 40K 8th NEEDS

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Nov 9 2017


Warhammer 40k 8th has opened up the game to the “big models” like no previous edition has. Here’s our list of what the game needs to spice up every race.

Eldar Stormserpent – Infinite capacity transport! A superheavy tank built on the Scorpion chassis that has almost no weapons but a stable warpgate instead.  Hello mobile reserves portal!


Ordinatus – This is kind of embarrasing, but GW ALREADY MADE THIS! Just give the Ad-mech some EPIC sized love and make an 8th Ed Datasheet for it.  Sales increased overnight! Come on GW – TAKE OUR MONEY! Phil Kelly could knock out that datasheet at lunch.

Silver Towers of Tzeentch – A dual-purpose “big kit” you could use in 40K and Age of Sigmar.  They float, they shoot fire, they have magic shields, they look like daemonic cuckoo clocks – why do we not have models and rules for these? Age of Sigmar even has a game set inside one! Extra bonus – if it’s designed right it can also serve as a Thousand Sons carrying case!

Tyranid Dominatrix – It’s a little smaller than the Heirophant bio-titan, but twice as mean!  Who doesn’t want the Hivefleet brood mother who bosses Hive Tyrants around? Note that this guy has been mentioned in a few recent codexes.


Slaanesh Subjugator – Do we really think a Chaos BDSM titan wouldn’t be awesome. It’s got crab claws , studded leather, cloven feet and is ready to PARTY!  Besides, all that pink paint we have isn’t going to be using itself…

Leviathan Command Vehicle – It’s time to give the IG some really HEAVY METAL.  How hard can it be – its a breadbox. Heck just sticking a Tau Orca on the Baneblade gets you halfway there…



Capital Imperialis – If you’re going to do the Leviathan, them you might as well go all the way and bring back the BIG BREADBOX. The Capitol Imperialis is maybe the only vehicle in the galaxy Baneblades worry about being run over by.


Daemon Primarchs – We have already gotten Magnus and Mortarion. I bet Angron and Fulgrim would look AMAZING.  I’m sure GW will think of something better for a new plastic Angron to do than cover his junk with his hand – Fulgrim, maybe not… Speaking of the naughtiest snake, we have rumors of Fulgrim of late!



Great Gargant– The Ork’s answer to the Warlord titan and Eldar Phantom.  Let’s get these weedy Stompas out of here and crank out the Ork’s  BIG GUY onto the tabletop.

Plague Tower – Give the Death Guard the giant rolling slime machine they’ve always wanted for Christmas.

NON EPIC Suggestions

Loyalist Primarchs – Yes, we are looking at you Lion El’Jonson, Leman Russ and Sanguinius.  All of these can come back with little to no retconning. The Lion will just wake up, Russ will show up on Fenris like a Thundercat riding wolves, and Sanguinius’ body is on Baal.  I’m sure Yvraine can shake some chicken-bones over him, say some Aeldari stuff and he’ll just hop to his feet.



Did we miss any?

Author: Larry Vela
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