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The Great Devourers Return – Tyranid Codex Review Part 1 – FTN

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Nov 6 2017

GW is firing away with the new Tyranid Codex. We run down the first part of the book and like what we see.

In the middle of the show we have an interview with the amazing author Guy Haley!!




Codex Tyranids has a lot of subtlety and synergy to it.  The big bugs buff the little bugs, got it!  That’s concept number 1 but then things get a lot more subtle.  Like all codexes in this edition you have to factor in the Strategems, Hive World attributes and the benefits of all the various detachments.

Genestealers get some love in this book with a totally new deployment mechanic that punishes aggressive opponents.   I like this.  It allows you to sort of get inside your opponents head and potentially force them to make early game mistakes.  They get sort of a Reverse Teleport homer where if you take just a single unit of Stealers you get 4 Infestation Nodes that allow you to place them in your deployment zone and deploy a unit of Genestealers within 6 inches of it. (with no range restriction from enemy units)   The catch is that if an enemy comes within 9 inches, you remove the node.  Any Stealers still in the nodes when they are all removed count as destroyed. Better use them wisely.

The Broodlord is brutal, like he should be.  Old One Eye gets a point increase but he also creeps a little bit in power.   We go over this on the show.

One of the base army abilities, called Shadow of the Warp, is going to be a pretty big deal.  Enemy Psykers have to subtract one from their casting roll if they are within 18 inches of a unit with this ability.  This is going to make powers harder to cast (duh) but this is also make it easier to deny the powers that do get off since you are only trying to beat the result of the psychic test.


For a little overkill you could pair this with the Warlord Trait: Soul Hunger that states if an enemy fails a psychic test within 18 inches of your Kronos Warlord they take d3 mortal wounds.

I think we can reliably assume that things like Smite spam will change before too much longer.  When.. who knows, but if Smite gets harder to cast multiple times then these big guys providing big bubbles of Shadow of the Warp will live a lot longer.  The Deepest Shadow strategem drives this home even more.  For 1 Command Point you can force an enemy psyker to only roll 1 die for a psychic check.   I am focusing on this purely for it’s smite resistance but it is also pretty good for stopping Null Zone, Doom, and Magnus’s mega blast – the Gaze of Magnus.


In the middle of this episode Chris and Paul sit down with Guy Haley.  He was real fun to talk with and we hope you en enjoy it.  We talk about several of the properties he’s written about and get inside his head a little.  Nurglin’s haunt him

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TWO finishing moves will be back next week.  We hope you will accept the chat with Guy in its place.


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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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