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Wyrd: The Whelks are Coming

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Nov 12 2017

Don’t underestimate these massive, intelligent members of Gibbering Hordes.

The Whelks are protected by large shells and massive razor sharp claws, but to see these creatures as simple predators is a mistake. They’re a very social species that has managed to create harmonious relationships with other species, and  one of the most intelligent members of the Gibbering Hordes. They have a special pull among the Hordes in battle – tactics have been seen to take a dramatic turn when they join battle.

On the table, Armored Whelks are one of the hardest Squads to kill. High armor and an immunity to Pinned Tokens make them incredibly difficult to slow down or damage. The only consolation for opponents is that Whelks tend to move in smaller numbers than many of their kin.

Author: Mars Garrett
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