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2017 Best Metal-Resin Miniature Nominees

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Dec 19 2017
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Time to bring out the Metal-Resin miniatures from the year and decide who’s the best!

2017 has been a banner year for metal-resin miniature enthusiasts. While lots of companies made the move to plastics, there are tons of others out there that still produce amazing miniatures in both resin and metal. From big publishers to boutique “made-to-order” shops, it’s a pretty massive field. That said, we’ve gone through and narrowed the field down to 5 that really enjoyed in 2017! So let’s take a look at this years nominees:

Dragyri Earth Caste Box – Dark Age

Glutton Demon – Creatures Caster

Avatar & Staldron – Infinity

Castellax-Achea Battle Automata With Aether Flame Cannon – Forge World

Ma’al Drakar, the Dragon Tyrant – Reaper Miniatures

We’ve got some tough choices ahead. These kits represent some pretty amazing things – from individual sculpts, to technically impressive feats, to just the sheer size and attention to detail. All of these kits are great additions to anyone’s personal collection. If you ever get the chance to see any one of these models in person, you should do it!


Again, there are TONS of other miniatures in both resin and metal that were released this year. If you’re favorite miniature didn’t make the cut drop it in the comments below – who knows, we might even do an honorable mention when we reveal our winners next week…


Do you have a favorite Resin or Metal miniature from 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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