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40K: EZ Build Primaris Unboxings

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Dec 17 2017
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Take a look at the new Easy to Build Primaris Kits that are now available for Pre-Order from Games Workshop.

The Redemptor Dreadnought and Primaris Aggressors come thundering onto the tabletop…er…once again, this time with new kits that are easier to build and WON’T require you to glue your fingers to the model and also to each other in implausible ways that will, when someone invariably lays eyes upon you, make them wonder–HOW?!

These Easy to Build Models do everything they say they will on the tin. They are a little cheaper, and you get fewer pieces on each sprue (not every option is available in this kit) but if you’re just getting started in 40K, these are a great way to add some firepower to your army on a budget. And without needing to invest too much time either.

They snap together pretty easily–it reminds me a lot of those plastic airplane model kits that come with pegs that you can just snap together. If you had some plastic glue, these things would probably hold forever, only, after you build the model, you can play with them.

They’re dyed blue, as you can clearly see. And each piece is both simple, yet very detailed.

Easy To Build Primaris Aggressors $35


Clad in heavy Gravis armour, Aggressor Squads advance on the foe as walking fortresses of ceramite. More mobile than some other Space Marines, they’re better able to negotiate rough ground, making them versatile troops; while they are often employed in specific circumstances or on certain terrain, Aggressor Squads are used as reserves to plug breaches in gun lines or to spearhead an advance. The range of their weaponry is not too long, but when they get close enough to open fire, the result is a burst of scorching flame that can shatter enemy charges.

Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this is a set of 3 Easy To Build Space Marines Primaris Aggressors. Push-fit, with no glue required, these are incredibly straightforward to put together, and come on pre-coloured blue plastic sprues.

Extremely heavily armoured, their silhouette is wider and chunkier than most Primaris Space Marines, with the flamestorm gauntlets they carry adding to the sense of absolute aggression. Each miniature features details such as the promethium tanks for the flamestorm gauntlets attached to their backs, with fuel lines and pipes, and each features a reliquary. One of the models is a Sergeant, bedecked with extra detail – more purity seals and skulls feature on him.

This plastic kit comes as 35 components, and is supplied with 3 40mm Round bases. Rules for these miniatures are included in the box, along with a Primaris Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet.



Easy To Build Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought $40

Redemptor Dreadnoughts are giant war machines that crush bone and splinter skulls as they bludgeon through enemy ranks. Taller, broader and more cunningly wrought than the Dreadnoughts of traditional design, these goliaths of battle are powered by hyper-dense reactors and sophisticated fibre bundles. They can accelerate from a thudding stomp to a loping, thunderous gait that shakes the ground, barrelling through hails of fire in glorious defiance. Such is the miraculous design of the Redemptor’s neural links that its inhabitant, despite being entombed in the sarcophagus within the Dreadnought’s chest, can exercise control with surprising dexterity and speed.

Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this kit is an Easy To Build Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought – a complete Redemptor Dreadnought in only 12 components! Push-fit, with no glue required, this is incredibly straightforward to put together and comes on a pre-coloured blue plastic sprue.

Standing twice the height of the already-tall Primaris Space Marines – and taller and broader than the standard Dreadnought – this is an exceptionally aggressive-looking model that befits its status as a powerhouse on the gaming table. It comes armed with a Redemptor fist and heavy flamer on the left arm, and a heavy onslaught gatling cannon on the right arm – the chest, where the sarcophagus of the interred Space Marine lies, boasts a fragstorm grenade launcher.

This plastic kit comes as 12 components, and is supplied with a 90mm Round base, featuring holes to slot the models’ pegs into. Rules for this miniature are included in the box, along with a Space Marines Vehicle transfer sheet.

Easy to build, even easier to inexplicably slice your thumb with an Xacto blade while trying to assemble. Blood for the blood god.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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