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40K: Faction Focus Chaos Daemons

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Dec 28 2017

The Chaos Daemon are getting a revamp in their upcoming Codex. Come see some of the changes heading your way!

Games Workshop is showing off the upcoming Chaos Daemons Codex – are you ready for a change?


via Warhammer Community

The Daemon hordes may be innumerable, but they’re certainly not faceless; the legions of each god are rich in character and follow their own arcane patterns of organisation, utilising unique tactics on the battlefield. The new Codex: Chaos Daemons is designed to balance the terrifying spectacle of a diverse horde of Daemons tearing into realspace with rules that properly reflect the personalities of each Chaos God and how their armies go to war.

One of the big changes will be how you build your force of Chaos Daemons. If you decide to take a “pure Daemons of Chaos army” you’re going to get some new toys to play with: “Warlord Traits, Stratagems, psychic powers, scoring priority on your Troops choices and so on.”

And it doesn’t stop there. If you decide to commit your forces to a single chaos god then you’ll have access to powerful new Daemonic Loci – aura abilities for your character that will enchance all your units, even the Greater Daemons!

Khorne: Locus of Rage


Re-rolling charge rolls for an army that wants to get into close combat? Seems pretty good so far! I wonder if they will be able to advance and charge, too…


Tzeentch: Locus of Trickery

Wow. This power is going to cause some head-aches! The Locus of Trickery is going to mess with a lot of folks with Close Combat heavy armies. Personally, I’d rather of seen this happen in the shooting phase only because this power is going to discourage folks who play melee focused armies. I guess it’s time to bring even MORE guns.

Nurgle: Locus of Virulence

This one could be pretty mean as well – each time you get a 6+ to wound, that attack does an additional damage. We’ve seen that Nurgle (ie, Death Guard) have a few ways to get a boost to their to-wound rolls. I’m wondering if the Nurgle Daemons are ALSO going to see some of those benefits and if they do…well, it’s going to sting!



Slaanesh: Locus of Swiftness

Whelp… there is your Charge after advance ability (sorry Khorne Daemons). It might be time to bust out the Daemonettes or Seekers and dance across the battlefield at mach 2. Having played with Genestealers quite a bit, being able to charge after advancing is a really nice ability! Maybe with this ability we’ll start to see other chaos powers on the tabletop again.

That’s all for this preview from Games Workshop. If you want to read the full article from there you can do that HERE.


What do you think of the new Loci? Are those going to be good enough to make you play a pure Chaos Daemon Army? Are you going to go mono-god or mix it up?

Author: Adam Harrison
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