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40K: The Dark Angel’s Final Secret

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Dec 9 2017

The Dark Angels have some big secrets – but this one could rock The Rock!

We’ve got our hands on the new Codex: Dark Angels and we’ll be covering it all week long. But as we were flipping through the book, the literal last paragraph in the book had us pretty excited. I’ll let you see for yourself:

For YEARS Dark Angel players and loremasters have known about The Lion Sleeping in the heart of The Rock. Over at Lexicanum, the records show that he was mortally wounded in the battle with Luther:

The battle between Luther and Jonson was titanic, but ended with a psychic attack that mortally wounded Jonson. Luther then realised what he had done, as if a veil had been lifted from in front of his eyes. He fell to the floor, unwilling to fight any more, but it was too late for Jonson. The gods of Chaos realised they had lost again, and sent a massive warp storm to wrack the surface of the planet. It then broke apart under the strain, destroyed all but for the monastery of the Order which had been protected by vast force-fields. When the Dark Angels descended to the, now, asteroid, they searched the ruins and found Luther mumbling that Jonson had been taken by the Watchers in the Dark and would return one day and forgive him for his sins. The Dark Angels could not find any trace of their Primarch. The rest of the Dark Angels who had been converted by Luther were sucked into the warp and scattered around the galaxy, now named The Fallen.

But now, not only do we have GW certified confirmation of his whereabouts, we also have confirmation that he is indeed 100% healed! Anyone want to take a guess at how it will be before we get a new “Loyalist” Primarch? It’s only a matter of time now…


Quick, someone get some smelling salts to The Rock, stat! 


Author: Adam Harrison
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