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40K: New Angles of Darkness

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Dec 10 2017

Take a look at the new unit from the new Dark Angels Codex–the Talonmaster in a Landspeeder.

That’s right friends. We learned yesterday morning that the Lion is almost certainly going to be the next primarch released, though I’m still holding out hope that the whole thing is a lie and that the man they think is Lion El’Johnson is actually just Alpharius or Omegon, and that explains where he’s been all this time. Or, better still, Luther and Lion El’Johnson are both just the twin Primarchs running the longest con known to Humanity.


I mean, that seems like the only rational conclusion to be drawn from the news.

But, we’re here to talk about the Dark Angles. As we’ve seen, there are plenty of new tools available to the Dark Angles that they previously didn’t have before. And we get a little more lore out there about the Fallen Angles, who have, by degrees, dissociated themselves from their parent Chapter and gone to ground. Some of them are working for Chaos, which I guess makes them Non-Euclidean Angles.

But today we’re going to talk about one of the new units revealed in the Dark Angles Codex. We’re going to talk about the Talonmaster: a Lieutenant who rides in a Landspeeder. What does that mean? Take a Lieutenant and then imagine he’s also riding around in a Landspeeder armed with a Twin Assault Cannon and Twin Heavy Bolter.

This means he’s capable of pouring out a fairly significant number of shots, though they are all from heavy weapons, so he’ll be hitting on 4s if you’re trying to take advantage of the Landspeeder’s 16″ move. But he’s a Lieutenant, so you get to reroll 1’s to wound. Stick him with Sammael in Sableclaw, and all your Ravenwings get to reroll misses, which is nice.


But the real dirty secret is that he’s a character. And one with only six wounds, no less, so you can take as many of these as you can fit, run a few screeners with them, and render them immune to shooting, etc. All the usual character tricks–and once they finally do get attacked, they’re toughness 6.

So not bad, all in all. There are still better tricks you can pull–but we’ll be getting into those in more detail over the next week–so be sure to stick around and check out the Codex which we’ll be reviewing and featuring on our Twitch Stream. You can find all of that information below.

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Also, obviously one of the Dark Angels relics is a cloak. Because OF COURSE it is.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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