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40K: Warlord Traits Of The Blood Angels

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Dec 6 2017

The Sons of Sanguinius have a new batch of Warlord Traits – let’s take a look at each one!

The Blood Angels are in our studio and we’ve been playing with them all week on our Twitch Channel. One of the new, exciting things Blood Angels are getting access to are 6 new Warlord Traits and we’re going to be taking a good look at each one. Strap on your Jump Pack and let’s get ready to dive in from ORBIT!

Speed of the Primarch

When you want to ensure your Warlord gets to strike first then Speed of the Primarch is the way to go. This ability lets you fight first in the Fight phase, even when they did not charge. The exception is that if the enemy has charged or has a similar ability then the player whose turn is taking place gets to go first. Simple enough, right?

Artisan of War

Is your Warlord rocking a Thunder Hammer? Do you wish you could get more damage out if it? Why not make it a FANCY Thunder Hammer with the Artisan of War! Get an extra point added to the Damage characteristic of the weapon. Alternatively, you could also put this on a weapon like a bolter, plasma pistol, or any number of ranged weapons to create a suitable ranged threat.


If you’re needing to give yourself an edge in the Psychic phases, why not take Soulwarden. You’ll get a extra chance to resist a psychic power. That could be used to stop a Smite attack which is always handy – or it could be used to counter some other type of “lynchpin” psychic power like the ones we saw yesterday.


Selfless Valour

Extending your Warlord’s Heroic Intervention up to 6″ is actually pretty useful. You could save it for a surprising counter-charge, leaping your Warlord into a combat they might have been excluded from.

Gift of Foresight

Feel No Pain type saves are great because they are a last ditch effort that can save vital wounds. Gift of Foresight grants you a save on a 6, and you can re-roll 1s! Furthermore, if you already have Black Rage, it improves it from a 6+ to a 5+ and you still get to re-roll 1s. I’ll take those odds!

Heroic Bearing

Space Marines don’t auto-pass Morale tests anymore. It’s shocker, I know. What might be a bigger shocker is the leadership value of some of your beefier units (looking at you Death Company). Heroic Bearing allows your Warlord to help them Auto-pass those tests to keep them in the fight as long as possible.



That’s it for the new Blood Angel Warlord Traits – Which one is your favorite?

Author: Adam Harrison
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